Click here for the pdf with directions and layer measurements


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  2. christine perry

    Good morning Bev,
    Last week I received a very exciting package from you!!!
    I ordered plastic bags and most of your tag shapes on frosted plastic material.
    I so wish I had come across your site long ago – but then I am very excited that I can appreciate all your wonderful and kind knowledge and experience even more.

    I thought for sure I had seen a site or link to what you had copied for the cases of different framelits and dies – to photocopy – which will result in proper filing and keeping of these precocious items. Can you please direct me this magic spot? Thank you so much! Christine

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Thank you for your sweet words! The case insert can be found just below where you found the Taggers. Just go to Products by Bev and scroll down. The link for the case insert and the directions are just above the Paper Sampler.

  3. I just happened to find your site today as I was watching your video on card base sizes and different mat sizes which I found to be extremely helpful. I then browsed your site and found your organizational and storage ideas, also very helpful. I was wondering though if you have any ideas on how to organize and store your Designer series papers. I have tons of DSP from years back which I tend not to use because of the time it takes for me to find the right color and pattern. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Susan, I store my DSP in large bags. I had a hard time finding the bags and ended up buying a case of very heavy duty resealable bags. I sell these bags… just click on the tab for Products from Bev. I also sell a Paper Sampler (current colors only) that you can use to identify colors in the DSP. I create labels for the DSP that lists the catalog and coordinating colors. I also use Evernote to organize all my products. You can click on the Techy Tips tab to learn about Evernote.

      With Evernote, you can search through all your paper on your computer. You can find the color or pattern you want by searching Evernote for it. Then you can use that wonderful paper.

      Those tips will solve your DSP issue for current products. Organizing the older DSP can be done with the same bags and Evernote, but it will take some work. If that DSP is loose, it will be especially difficult. I share my Retired Products notebook and there is quite a bit of DSP listed there already. You will also find a number of old catalogs you can look through to find your DSP. You would have to make your own labels for the retired paper, but at least you should be able to match up the sets of paper and the catalogs will list the colors.

      You’ll have to decide if it’s worth your time to get it all organized. If I was looking at a huge stack of old DSP, most of it featuring colors that are retired, I might just donate it to a worthy cause and move on to current paper. If you’re not using it, it’s just taking up space and weighing you down. If you decide you want to try to organize it, order some of my bags and maybe my Paper Sampler. Then if you want to try Evernote, just ask in an email and I’ll send you the invitations.

  4. I found it a bit Confucian.
    It seems like u was not staying on one card.
    Then when it cam to laying u when to fast.

    • I’m sorry you found it confusing. I started off the video by saying “I’m not going to show you how to make a card, but rather some basic card bases and layered techniques.” You may also want to click the link under the video and print the pages with more detail on all the bases and layers.

      I do have videos for most, if not all, of those cards I showed in the video if you want to see more detail. I know it’s hard to scroll through all the posts. If you know the name of a stamp set or of a color I used, you should be able to search for that. I am also working on a page with a little image of each project and I’ll add links to the posts about them. But that might be a while before it’s finished. Check back in a week or two.

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