I used to use SNAIL as my “GoTo” adhesive. Now I use Fast Fuse or Multipurpose Liquid Glue.

The Multipurpose Liquid Glue is strong and allows a bit of time to wiggle a layer to just the right place. You just need a tiny bit. It can squeeze out and while it dries clear, it remains sticky. (If this happens, wait for the glue to dry and then use the Adhesive Eraser.) I always keep my bottles tip down in a little jar so the glue is where I need it. Otherwise, I would need to wait for the glue to move slowly. It’s tempting to squeeze and shake to get it to move quickly. Then when it finally does start to come out, it comes out too quickly and sometimes keeps coming out. What a mess!

The Fast Fuse has a learning curve to use. Often people press too hard, but really it will work best if you just gently roll the tape where you want it. Then the strong adhesive needs to be broken before you lift the roller. I find a little twist works very well. Stampin’ Up! says use a check mark move. If you press too hard and then make this check, the tape can be pulled off to the side. If you do not break the adhesive, you’ll get a string of “spaghetti” and then there won’t be any adhesive at the tip next time. If you get spaghetti, just press the adhesive into place and keep rolling. If there’s no adhesive on the tip, just use your finger to roll it until the adhesive is in place.

Fast Fuse

If you don’t like the Fast Fuse or the liquid glue, use Tear & Tape when you need a strong adhesive for 3-D projects and SNAIL for those quick and easy projects.

Fine Tip Glue Pen

The Fine Tip Glue is a thin adhesive kind of like Super Glue. It is not particularly sticky, so you will need to allow at least of few seconds to dry before your small embellishments and detailed paper cut-outs will stick. You can also apply the glue to the paper and allow to dry for a glossy look to your card stock. Looks great to create glass jars, shiny candy, or dew drops on flowers.

Specialized Adhesives

Stampin’ Dimensionals raise elements up a bit. It’s a rare project that I don’t use Dimensionals somewhere on it. You get 300 in a pack, and that’s not counting the edges which are very useful. They are a very easy and inexpensive way to add a lot to your projects.
Foam Adhesive Strips came out in the 2016-17 catalog and what a live saver they are for shaker cards! I have bought carpet tape in the past. I had to cut it into narrower strips and it’s not really tall enough. The Foam Adhesive Strips solve all that, plus it’s narrow enough and flexible enough to make curves. It’s very easy to make shaker cards without the confetti escaping! And here’s a tip. Apply the adhesive strips to the Window Sheet, then before adding the confetti, dust your project with the Embossing Buddy. It will reduce static on your Window Sheet and it will also block any adhesive from capturing your confetti. Then finally pull off the strip and adhere the other layer.
Mini Glue Dots work great when you need a tiny instant adhesive. They work great for holding down corners of card stock, larger embellishments, a tag, a bow, or whatever. You can roll them up into a ball to hide behind even a Baker’s Twine bow.

Other Tools for Adhesives

Adhesive Remover works great for erasing anything sticky. It will also remove those fuzzy edges you get when it’s time to change your cutting blade.
Silicone Craft Sheet is helpful when you are sticking tiny strips or other little things. It will keep your work surface clean. The adhesives don’t stick to the Silicone. If adhesive does stick, just wait for it to dry and flick it off. It’s especially great when using a hot glue gun.
Heat Tool What? This isn’t an adhesive! But it does help when you have stuck a paper layer in the wrong place and you can’t gently wiggle it up. Use the Heat Tool to warm whatever adhesive you used. And here’s another helpful tool. I don’t often send my customers to craft stores, but here’s an exception. Go to a craft store and find the section where they sell electronic cutting machines. Look for what they call a spatula. Here’s one on Amazon. Warmed adhesive and a spatula can help you remove the most stubborn oopsies without messing up your card stock.


Paper and Ink

I believe one of the biggest strengths of Stampin’ Up! is the quality of their paper and the coordination possibilities. You can get printed paper, solid card stock, ink pads, markers, and embellishments in the four core color collections and the two sets of In Colors. Coordinating projects is easy!





2015-17 In Colors

2016-18 In Colors

Card Bases

Click here for the pdf with directions and layer measurements

Firm Foam Pads

The video says you’ll need to refill your ink pads often. I have not needed to refill nearly as often as this video suggests.

More ways to use those labels!

To open the stamp pads, hold the the case with the big label right side up. Push the top away from you. The end of the top should have a section without ink. Flip that end up and toward you. If it doesn’t flip easily, wiggle it a bit to get it to the right place in the track. Push the pad onto the base. To close, reverse that process.

The lid and base can separate, but they’re not difficult to put back together.

Shop Stampin’ Up Stampin’ Pads


Shop Markers

AquaPainter vs. Blender Pens

Consider using Watercolor Paper or Shimmery White Paper when water coloring. I also recommend you use Stazon Ink

Color Tools: Charts, etc. on this website

Shop AquaPainter and Blender Pens

Here are some other ways to add color.

Stamping Sponges

Stamping Sponges can be cut into 4, 5, or even 6 pieces to sponge color all over a project, around the edges, or with Decorative Masks from Stampin Up or cut from sticky notes.

Sponge Daubers

Sponge Daubers give more precision. I use both, probably depending on how much space I want to cover. I keep mine in a special box with this insert.

Sponge Brayers

If you have a lot of territory to cover, use a Sponge Brayer.









You’ll be ready to grab and go with this tool kit. All the essentials, each held in its own special place. Bring your own adhesive? Ready! No more waiting for the Paper Snips. Traveling? Grab a stamp set and card stock and you’ve got it all.

I made my first Basic Tool kit for my Getting Started Challenge and found that I loved having these tools ready to go. I initially dumped all the tools in the case, but perhaps you’ve seen that I like organization. 🙂  So I added a pocket here and a magnet there. This is what I have now.

Basic Tool Kit Instructions and Placement Guide

Basic Tool Kit Case Insert

In addition to the supplies and tools from Stampin’ Up! you will need an alligator clip (in the electrical department), a paint edger refill pad, and Gorrilla Super Glue Gel from your hardware store.

From an office store you will need small sticky notes and a pen or pencil less than 5″ long.

You will also need an empty hand sanitizer sprayer. Mine is about 1/2″ diameter and 5″ long.

Magnet Source: K & J Magnetics  I bought their 3/8″ x 1/32″ Disc Magnets, D601. You wig story ll need at least 9, but I suggest you buy extra. You may decide you want a firmer hold and you’ll want to use 2 magnets for some tools. These magnets are also fabulous as box or bag closures, etc.

Getting Started Challenge Silver LiningA card for a friend who is going through tough times. The Dazzling Details, sparkly sequins, and silver thread will help bring a little joy.

This card is one of my Getting Started Challenge projects. I’m showing how you can use a few supplies to make many very different projects. Find out more about the project here.

Detailed instructions pdf
My 2015-16 Getting Started Series Supplies

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

20160113_160859_resizedThis quick card makes a lovely Valentine for the man in your life. It is a variation on one of the cards in the Watercolor Wishes kit.

Tip: Be sure to let the ink dry on the wooden embellishment. I set my aside to dry, but only for a few minutes. I got a little smudge I needed to fix up.


My 2015-16 Getting Started Series Supplies

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

20151111_113827_resizedStamping on the go again. I’m in San Diego waiting eagerly Saturday’s OnStage, a mini convention. I planned to record this video creating a baby card with my Getting Started supplies, but somehow I managed to leave both Sprinkles of Life and the stamps from the Watercolor Wishes kit at home! I did have the supplies for my Christmas cards with me. Somehow I think it works.

Click here for the pdf with directions.


My 2015-16 Getting Started Series Supplies

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog