OK, this isn’t really organization, but I can get more stamps on my limited shelving when I use clear-mount stamps.

20140907_171346Since my shelves are about 12″ deep and the stamp cases are under 5 1/2″ deep, I put my stamps into photo boxes and use all of my shelf space.

Clear Case insideWhen I first get my stamp sets, I place the sticker sheet between the case and the case insert (label).  I can still see it through the clear plastic case.  If I leave it loose with the stamps, I’m liable to take it out to when stamping and set it down…  uh….  someplace… er…, it’s got to be here somewhere!

I stick the “frame” from around the stamps so I can see at a glance that all my stamps are in their place.

Now, where is that little antennae stamp?


Double Clear Case OutsideWhen I get a set that comes in 2 cases, I put them all into one case.

I put the “2 of 2” insert under the back of the case between the case itself and the clear plastic overlay.  This requires that I fold under the spine section of the insert.




Double Clear Case InsideI remove all of the stamps from the rubber sheet and toss the rubber sheet (or use it to make custom stamps, etc.).

The only problem with this is that I have to count the stamps before I put it away so I don’t lose one.

Both the original insert and my little stamp case slip show the number of stamps included in the set.

Use the second case for other supplies.


And of course, no matter what kind of stamp set, I put in my stamp case slips so I know where to find it in the catalog, the item numbers for both clear and wood-mount, prices, and how many stamps in the set.  This is especially helpful when a set is retired!




  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I definitely intend to use your stamp pad storage idea that you shared for your new work area. It will be perfect for my bookshelves. Your idea for storing stamps and stamp pad refills is a winner for me also. I just happened to stumble across you on You Tube and so glad I did. Thanks so much Bev!!

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