I have 12 boxes of retired products all packed, ready to ship to you. Every box is packed as tight as I could get it with the products listed. I tried to give great value in every box. Every box has a few freebies added, but not listed. I will not switch out products from one box to another.

Clicking the spinning links with the photos and prices will take you to the Stampin’ Up! online store. A few of the items may be available on the Clearance Rack, but if you want the full box from me, click the “Add to Cart” PayPal button.

We are a smoke free home. We don’t have cats, but we do have dogs.

(US only). Shipping is included, but tax will be added

Boxes 1-9 sold for $50 each. I just dropped the prices on the remaining boxes. Boxes 10 and 11 are now $40. Box 12 is now $25, shipping included, but again, tax will be added.

I will do my best to erase the PayPal button and mark the items sold. If a box is selected again before I can get that accomplished, I will refund the money.

Box 1  Sold

Box 2 Sold

Box 3 Sold

Box 4 Sold!

Box 5  Sold

Box 6 Sold!

Box 7 Sold!

Box 8 Sold!

Box 9  Sold!

Box 10

$50   $40

This box also contains the 2012 yellow chevron convention bag and the Pillow Box Bigz die #113466 from the 11-12 catalog.

I’m not totally convinced the Paper Pumpkin kit is the same as shown below. The one in the box is “Seriously” and you can see a bit of the image on the right of the photo.

Box 11
$50  $40

This box also contains the gray felt convention bag. I’m not sure what year it was given, perhaps 2015?

The box also contains a Scallop Square Bigz Clear die, #115950.

Box 12
$35   $25

This is the silver and white 2013 convention bag












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