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Ever forget the name for a tool? Want to find it quick in the catalog? I put a little address label on all my products. These labels have all the same information as the Stamp Set Paper Inserts. They go on my tools, ribbons, stamp pads, button boxes, and Framelit pouches. (PS I know which Paper Snips are mine. And believe it or not, I just removed a label I put on my Snips 2 years ago! And I use them just about every day.)

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  1. What Avery Label fits the 14-15 Supply Labels? I tried printing on Avery 5267 but they didn’t line up. Thanks!

  2. Hi Bev – I too have been having problems with the Holiday little labels. I was convinced that it was because I was using a store brand that was supposed to be compatible with Avery 5267/8167. I went out to Office Depot to buy thel “real thing” and realized there is more than one type of return address labels available. I was just going to write to you to see if you were using the one that is 2/3″ x 1 3/4″.

    I finally got pretty good results by scaling down to 97%. Is the 5167 very different from the 5267?


    • I’m using actual Avery labels. The box says they are 1/2″ x 1 3/4″. I just downloaded and printed the PDF files for the Blendabilities as well as the Holiday 2014 Small Supply Labels. They fit my labels perfectly.

      I looked up Avery 5267 and it says they are for laser printers, but that they also measure 1/2″ x 1 3/4″. I wonder if printers make a difference.

      • Must be the printer although I have had good results with your other sets of labels. My order is due today and I am feeling unprepared. Have to have my labels ready! Well, I do and I am do glad I didn’t spend more money on labels that are the same as what I have.


        • So sorry they aren’t fitting! Which labels did fit well? Perhaps I can turn those labels into a template and redo the Holiday Labels.

          If worse came to worse, you could buy the sheets that are uncut stickers then cut them up on your trimmer.
          Avery® White Full-Sheet Labels for Inkjet Printers with TrueBlock(TM) Technology, 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches, Pack of 25 (8165)

        • Gail, I have reprinted my labels for the annual catalog and the Holiday catalog. Hopefully they will fit better. Let me know.

  3. I have reformatted the 14-15 labels. Perhaps they will fit the label sheets better. I’m about to do the same for the Holiday Labels.

  4. Hi Bev – got lost in the holidays and didn’t realize you had reformatted the little labels. The reformatted labels print even higher onto the border of the label paper on my printer. What I finally ended up doing was printing onto plain paper and then using the copier with the labels aligned about 2 hairs down on the platen and copied onto the label sheet. Worked. Much better than throwing the printer thru the window which at one point seemed logical.

    Thanks so much for your effort. And a thousand thankyous for your wonderful labels. They make things so much easier for me. I am still fiddling with my printer. Other than being wonky about the small size labels, it does a pretty good job.


  5. WOW, your organizational labels are Out of this World!!! Thanks so much for sharing this resource with us 🙂

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