Stamp Set Paper Inserts

These little slips of paper have all the information I need to find what catalog the set is from, what page it’s on, the price, and how many stamps are in the set. Print them on regular copy paper and slip in between the label and the clear outside layer.

New style (as of 8/25/15) wraps around the back of the case to show recommended blocks and coordinating products. Also, the price has been removed so they will work for other markets, however the item numbers are English only. If you would like me to run a set for French or German sets, please let me know.

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  1. Do any of the Stamp Case Slips fit on Avery Labels or do I aways print them on copy paper & cut them out? Thank you! These are great!

    • I just print the slips on copy paper. They slip under the clear plastic outside. They don’t seem to move around any more than the paper inserts that Stampin’ Up! puts in.

      • I have a Xyron sticker maker. I’m thinking these labels could be run through that and then stick them right on the case. What do you think?

        • BevAdamsStamps

          Sure! But it’s really easy to slip them inside. And I usually change out the slips so I know what page to find the set in a new catalog. It’s easy to switch them out when they have little or no adhesive.

  2. Thank you so much for doing all this all the time! I so appreciate your efforts & willingness to share with us all! I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to begin!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. This is totally awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Bev – can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your labels! I’ve used the little supply labels for a while but did not realize the value of the stamp set inserts until recently. My shelves are looking almost like a library and that give me a tiny thrill. I have your inserts from 2012-2013 but nothing earlier. Is that when you started or are there earlier labels? If so, where can I find them.

    Thanks so much for all you do. I am still trying to find out how to use my computer and I am so impressed with your talents.


    • BevAdamsStamps

      I don’t have labels from earlier and I’d have no way to make them. I wish I could help you.

      I truly enjoy using my computer for organization. I’m happy others benefit.

    • Hi Gail
      Do you still have the PDF’s for 2012-2013, 2013-2014?
      I am just starting to label my cases and have many that are that old.
      I dont get rid of my old stamps so really and looking for someone that has older
      than H14.
      Let me know.

  5. Hi Bev – do you plan on creating labels for the newly introduced SAB items? BTW, I tried to make a few small labels for the punch packs. Was mixing up the stars. I got something close to yours but could barely read it on screen. I, again, am impressed with your talents.


    • BevAdamsStamps

      Gail, here are the labels you wanted. There were just 2 labels so I wasn’t going to bother. But you’re right. Labels are helpful and worth the effort.

      I create all my labels using Mail Merge from an Excel spreadsheet. I’m thinking of asking for help updating it for the new 15-16 catalog. If you or anyone else reading this is interested in contributing, email me. We can divide and conquer!

  6. I love using your stamp set labels. Do you still need help in creating the set for 2015-16 cattie?

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Thank you! I am working on updating all of my labels and other organizational tools now. If you subscribe (in the box in the upper right corner) I will send an email when I have it all posted.

      • Once again organizing my stamp sets for the new catalog was breeze. Thanks so much for your effort. I love the way my sets look after I get the labels on. Just wish more of my stamps had carried over.

        Did you know Sheltering Tree was missing from the list?

        • BevAdamsStamps

          Thank you so much for catching that Rene!!! I missed more than Sheltering Tree. I missed one stamp set for every page. I have fixed the file so that it contains all the sets (I hope!). I also added a file for you and anyone else who already printed the pages of slips to print just those missing sets.

          • Thanks for the add on sheet. I only had about 24 sets not retire so it was easy to see that one was missing.

          • BevAdamsStamps

            You are ahead of me in organizing! I had printed my stamp set slips, but have only put them in my new stamp sets. I needed to print those extras myself, so I thought you as well as others might need them.

  7. Bev – at first I didn’t see the need for the block sizes to be included on the stamp set labels but then noticed the addition of the coordinating punches and framelits. Wow, that is great. So helpful not to have to go looking for the right tool, knowing you have it and not remembering the correct name.
    Your labels just keep getting better. Thank you very much for making them available.

    • I love having the blocks and coordinating dies on the stamp sets too. I started my labels with the names and page numbers to make it easy for myself. I’m so glad others benefit as well.

  8. Do you happen to have the “working files” so I can edit them to fit my needs i.e. Color, price, wording? If you do, I would greatly appreciate it! You can email them to me if that’s easiest.

    • I give my files away for free, but I do try to retain a bit of ownership of them by including my contact information in the pdf files. I do have the Excel spreadsheet available so you could create your own with that.

      • That works for me! Thanks. Sorry to bother, but I’m struggling to find specific excel file. Can you help? Am I blind? Lol. I miss the prices so was going to go back and add that to mine. Thanks again!

        • It’s on the Getting Organized page third paragraph. It says “I have a Spreadsheet to Share for…” I actually had the prices on my labels etc. and then was asked for them to be removed. It looked bad, especially for those in the South Pacific region that uses dollar signs, but their prices are way different. I figured that since there are page numbers it is easy enough to find prices. I also use my spreadsheet a lot. Hopefully that will solve your problem.

  9. Carol Christopher

    Hi, Bev,

    Already checking for the 2016 Occasions and SAB files. I’m hooked on your labels! Thanks for doing them — let me know if I can help you out. I’m subscribed and will keep an eye open for them. Thanks again for doing these.

  10. Bev, I thank you every day for providing these labels. They are such a huge help in keeping me organized. Do you plan to create labels for the SAB add-ons or am I on my own?

    • Thanks for the poke. I wasn’t sure if you needed the sticker for the Washi tape but I assume you don’t want to use a full sheet of stickers to print the one label. You should be able to cut it out and use adhesive to make your own sticker.

  11. Thank you so much. Absolutely perfect!!

  12. Hi Bev, I love the stamp case labels and am slowly getting mine done. I was wondering if there was a way to just print a few and not the entire set? I really hate to print 15 pages when I only need a few of them. I found the spreadsheet but don’t know how to make my own instead of printing them all (hope that makes sense). Thanks and I truly appreciate all these files and your sharing. They are a huge help.

    • I understand. You could download the file and only print the pages you need. That might help if you just need a few. I just print them all off myself, but then I end up using the majority of them.

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