Techy Tips 6

I have updated my spreadsheet. It now includes products from the Holiday 2015 catalog. I added separate sheets for other markets. I have a sheet for Canada (with English and French) Europe (UK, Fr, and DE) and the South Pacific (AUS and NZD) This video shows how I can sort by price to get the most value or meet a particular budget.

I don’t speak French or German. I’ve never been to Europe or the South Pacific. There are bound to be errors. Please send corrections so I can fix them!

Download the Spreadsheet

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  1. Thank you so much for this Bev, It will make doing project planners so much easier. You are AWESOME

    • I agree! I need to update my blank Project Planner. I think I’ve changed my columns since I posted it. I just copy and paste the first few cells into my table. It’s so easy! Perhaps I should do a Techy Tips video on that sometime. Check back soon. I’ll be adding the Occasions products next week and posting it when it goes live.

  2. I have been attempting to download your spreadsheet, but I am getting a 401 link error. Page is not available.
    Just wanted to let you know. Maybe the link is faulty. I have downloaded your previous one, just not the updated occasion catalog information. Thanks

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