I use my computer in crafting a lot!  I have data bases in Excel and Evernote that I use constantly.  I continue to use My Digital Studio, though Stampin’ Up! has dropped that line.  {sniff!}  I have also use my Sizzix eClips e-cutter.

I also use technology to create this website.  When I was starting out this site, I didn’t really know where to start.  I had run a few blogs, but this one was different. Read below for a few tips to get you started.

I use a Microsoft computer.  I am currently working on a Surface 3.  I also use an Android phone.  I believe everything I do can be done on Macs and iPhones, but if you need specific instruction on those devices, I’m sorry.  I just can’t help you.

Do you have a techy question? Please ask. Perhaps my next Techy Tip will answer your question. But I am not a techy professional, and there’s a ton I don’t know. If I don’t know, I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


  • Introduction to Evernote
  • # 7 Save notes to your own Evernote notebook You can edit your own notes.
  • # 8 Managing the Views in Evernote
  • #9 Searching Evernote on Different Platforms
  • #10 Search Evernote with Tags and Content Words
  • #11 Create a New Note
  • Organizing Tags (Though I just learned this may not work for you.)
  • Evernote is a free download. I share my Current Products and Retired Products notebooks. All you need to do is email me. The Current Products notebook has everything in the current catalog(s) and you can view and copy. When products retire I move them to the Retired Products notebook. It is not at all complete, but you can help make it more complete by adding Stampin’ Up! products. The more contributions, the more complete it will become.
  • If I have invited you to share my notebook and you don’t see it…
    • If you already have Evernote, open the program and look for WorkChat. This is Evernote’s own messaging. You should see a message from me. If you don’t see Work Chat, look under View and select it.

      At the bottom of the message you should see a box with a book image and the name of the notebook. Click that box. It can take quite a while to synchronize, depending on your internet connection and your computer speeds.
    • If you emailed me, check in your Sent folder to see what email address you used. Is it the same as the one you used for Evernote?  This has been the issue for several people. If it might be a different email address, just ask me to add the other email address to Evernote.
    • If you sent your request on the webpage, I used the email I saw in that message. Again, you may have used a different email from the one you use for Evernote.
    • If you still can’t figure it out, please email me. I have helped several people with a phone call.

Excel Spreadsheet

This is the link to the Current Products Spreadsheet with 17-18 as of 7-1-17. I don’t always think to update this link. I do try to keep the link on the Getting Organized page updated.

Other Random Techy Tips

How I Use AutoCorrect and RGB Codes

Techy Tips for Running a Website







  1. Hi Bev,

    I would love to know how to create my own Evernote Stampin’ Up! of all the products like you did.

    I am a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. This is a perfect idea to track what you already own. I just confused how you got each item to show up with details and image. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    • I have a Techy Tip on how I use the Mailings feature and Excel to create my tags, etc. I use that same spreadsheet to put all the details in my Evernote notes. Then I just copy the images from the Stampin’ Up! online store and paste them into my notes. It does take time, but not as much as you’d think.

      But why create your own notebook? Just share mine! I’ll send you an invitation to join my Evernote notebook. I just posted a YouTube video on creating your own notebook and copying the notes from my shared one to yours. I haven’t even had a chance to create my post for that video yet, but I’ll have that posted in a few minutes.

      Let me know if you need any help.

  2. Hi Bev,

    I am a Canadian demonstrator who is new to Evernote and would love if you would share your notebook with me. I have been looking for a way to become more organized in my Stanpin’ Up business. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all of your hard work. Anna

  3. Catherine drummond

    Hi beg I would love to have Evernote ptapgramme im a hobby demo and think it’s fab

  4. Well Bev, it looks like you have another fan ( demonstrator ) that would like you to share your notebook if you would be so kind. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us!
    Take are, Catherine

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Welcome to the group Catherine! I have sent your invitations for Evernote and also to a Facebook group for those sharing the notebook. Enjoy!

  5. Rosalie Holzman

    J just got your current catalog on Evernote. It is wonderful. Thank you and your team so much. I would love to have the retired catalog as well now that I see how very helpful this will be.

    • You now have full access (edit and invite) to “our” Retired Products notebook. I make no effort to make this notebook complete. I simply move products from my Current Products to the Retired Products when they retire. But everyone who shares this notebook can edit it. That means you can add to notes and create new notes and those additions are made in everyone else’s notebook too. But it also means if you delete a note, it’s gone for everyone. I encourage you to contribute other retired Stampin’ Up!® products. Please do not delete any notes. You can always copy these notes and add those other products to your own notebook.

  6. Hi Bev!
    I am a SU! demonstrator and a fan of your tutorials! I would love for you to share your Evernote notebook. I am following your lead in getting organized. Thank you for being willing to share. This looks like it was quite a chore!

  7. Bev, I would LOVE to see your Evernote product list! I love Evernote and think that’s a brilliant idea!

  8. Gillian Whitcombe

    Wow this is amazing what a lot of work you’ve done. I’d love to join as well, I’m a UK demo and not very tech savvy lol.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Gillian x

    • Your invitations to Evernote, a Facebook group, and to my Evernote notebook have been sent. I have some tips on Evernote on this site under Techy Tips that may be helpful.

  9. I would love to have an invitation to your Evernote list. I have never used evernote but am willing to try. I have bought multiple times more often than not. I joined as a personal use demo last year and just had my first customer this weekend (my daughter).

    • Welcome to Stampin’ Up! Your invitations to Evernote, a Facebook group, and to my Evernote notebook have been sent. Happy stamping!

  10. Hi Bev, I am currently in your FB group and am seeing your current Evernote notebook (thank you!). Having a bit of time right now, I just have started copying and making my own SU inventory notebook. I read that you have a retired notebook also. Is that something you share also? I would love to be included with that. Thanks so much for what you do, and your generosity in sharing your hard work.

    • I have given you access to the Retired notebook. Please pay special attention to the Work Chat message, as the way I share that notebook is different.

  11. Linda Thompson

    Hi, Bev,
    I’ve been reading about Evernote as a way to keep track of all my SU! items. I’m a hobby demonstrator, but I’ve accumulated quite a lot of products over the years. I’m not technologically advanced so would I be able to use this tracking system? Would you be willing to share yours with me? What would I need to do to customize it for my items?


    • BevAdamsStamps

      Welcome! You should be receiving invitations from Evernote to get the program and to share my notebook named “Current Products.” I think the Evernote link takes you to the online version first.

      If you already have Evernote, you may just get the invitation as a Work Chat. Click on the green notebook and wait for it to synchronize.

      Once you have accepted the invitation to share it may take a while to synchronize. I think it’s best to open the program/app on your computer, tablet, or phone rather than the online version. Look for the tag “Evernote Tips” for a bit more help. I’m just an email away if you need more help.

      You will not be able to change the notes in my notebook. You will want to create a new notebook in Evernote and copy notes you want into your own notebook. Then you can do all the editing you want.

      Also, I’m inviting you to join a new Facebook group for others who are sharing the notebook. I thought that might be a good way to share ideas and questions.

      I used the email address you used to send your message/entered on my website. If you use a different email for Facebook or Evernote, please let me know so I can send invitations to the one.

      I have another notebook for Retired Products. Once you get your feet wet with the Current Products notebook, email me and ask for the Retired Products notebook.


  12. Hi Bev, i haven’t tried Evetnote yet, but would like to know if you know to make all the colored circles i see a lot of demonstrators useing for the ink colors. Sometimes they are butterflies, tulips, or othet shapes. But, most of the time circles. I am assuming they use word, & the hex codes? Any tips would be great.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I don’t know how others do it. I suspect some may be using either the old My Digital Studio or the similar program MyMemories.

      I just use Microsoft Office to create a circle shape. I color it in (fill) with a custom color, using the RGB codes for the Stampin’ Up! colors. I have a chart with those RGB and HEX codes. You can find the chart and a video on how to use it at

  13. Hi Bev,

    I have Evernote but have never used it. I would love it if you would share yours with me. Can’t wait to get going on this project.

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

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