Catalog Tabs I’ve been creating these tabs for several years now. I am able to keep my catalog in good shape through the year of abuse. The tabs also make my life easier. I take my brand new catalog to our local copy shop and have them carefully slice off the binding edge. Then I ask them to laminate the covers, add overhead sheets between the catalog sections, and then spiral bind it back together. These plastic sheets are not essential, but they really do reduce wear and tear.

Catalog Tabs

Then I print tabs on Whisper White card stock. I try to coordinate the colors with the catalog pages because, yes I’m kind of obsessive about that kind of thing. 🙂

Click below to print your own labels.

16-17 Catalog Tabs

15-16 Catalog Tabs  The pages where I put the tabs are printed on the the tabs themselves.  Enjoy!

14-15 Catalog Tabs



  1. I just discovered your website today. Love the tab idea! How do you adhere the tabs and do you adhere to the overhead sheets? Do you laminate the tabs? Thx!

    • Welcome Candace! I “laminate” my tabs with clear packing tape. I just put the tape on the card stock and then punch them out. It works great! I use Sticky Strip to adhere the tabs to the clear sheets. Try it! You will love the sturdy tabs.

  2. Fatimah Jafri

    Your website is wonderful. Thanks for the organization tips. The catalog organization and the product spreadsheet are awesome!

  3. I also just discovered your website today….thank you! Do you have any idea when your 2017-2018 Catalog Tabs will be available! Thanks again….

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I was just making the last few adjustments on them today. I plan to record a video and post it with the tabs on Tuesday.

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