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Card Stock

I usually use 8 1/2″ x 11″ and it’s stored in wooden file drawers on wheels. I store it alphabetically. The file tabs have the color name printed on clear labels stuck on pieces of that color card stock. I’ve been trying to design cards to make the best use of the paper for fewer scraps and try to use the scraps whenever I can.

 Card Stock Sampler: Any punch or die will do. Punch each color you own and apply the label. Punch a small hole at the same location on each piece. Keep them on a key ring and hang nearby. If you want to match a color or see what colors look great together, just reach for your sampler.  You could also use these labels for your card stock storage. I am using the bottom inch to label my Ink Pad Storage by Stampin’ Up!

Or you can order a Card Stock Sampler here.

Be sure to download the files and then print them for a better fit.

Designer Series Paper Sampler

DSP (Designer Series Paper) Sampler Print the DSP Sampler files on white card stock and then cut them up. Cut samples of your Designer Series Paper and add a key ring. Print the DSP Labels for your tabs if you store your DSP in folders.



Stampin’ Spots Labels

  • 2023-2024 Stampin’ Spots Labels in English

New! Stampin’ Blends Labels

  • 2023-2024 Stampin Blends Labels Print on copy paper. “Laminate” with packing tape. Punch with a 3/8″ hole punch. Adhere to each end of your Stampin’ Blends with a Mini Glue Dot.

Color Charts

2023 Color Refresh showing the new colors, the retiring colors, and the colors that returned or change color families.

2023-2024 Colors in Spectrum Order

2023-2024 Colors in Color Family then Spectrum

2023-2024 Colors in Alphabetical Order

  2023-2024 Colors in Color Family then Alphabetical

2023-2024 Current Products in Each Color


14-15 Color Families

Color Family Products

Color Coach

Color Coach from Stampin’ Up! with suggested color combinations
2023-24 Annual Catalog Color Combos from Stampin’ Up! with a page by page listing of the color combinations used in the sample products in the catalog.

Sponge Daubers

20140514_092235I keep my Sponge Daubers organized in this box. Then just print out the file and fold it at the top line of the color box. Cut around the color box through both layers. Adhere the layers together and adhere to the top of the box.  The top right dauber will match the top right color, Real Red.

Be sure to store your daubers with the sponge side down so they don’t color your chart.

2023-2024 Sponge Dauber Case Insert





2023-2024 Color Wheel

Custom Color Chart:

  • Color Chart with RGB CodesI keep this chart posted nearby. Have you ever typed in Word and the computer fixes your typos? You can add to that list! In Word 2010, go to Options> Proofing> AutoCorrect Options to add these corrections. Now when I type “MMAM” my computer automatically changes it to Melon Mambo and if I type “SU” it changes it to Stampin’ Up! You’ll see those AutoCorrect codes on the chart. I’ve also got the RGB codes so if I want to color a shape or text to match Stampin’ Up! colors I just go to More Colors and Custom Colors and enter those RGB codes. I’ve added the HEX codes this year too. Using custom colors can be quite cumbersome, but if you’re just using a few they will show up as recent colors.
  • 2023-2024 Colors with AutoCorrect

Color Tools for Previous Years


More Resources for Organization














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25 thoughts on “Color Tools”

  1. Thank you so much for all your work on these charts. They will be invaluable to me. I have already replaced my hand-written dauber box chart with yours. Would you by any chance have one for the In Colors for say the past 4 years?

    • You are quite welcome Paula. I probably need to update that Dauber Box insert with the new catalog pages. I haven’t done one for the In Colors. Since the Core Colors haven’t changed and fill my box, I usually just pick a color that’s close to the In Color I want to sponge and use that. Would you like a separate box for the In Colors? Look for that coming soon.

    • Paula, I have created your Dauber Box with the In Colors. Since there were a lot of unused spaces, I added the recently retired colors. While I was going through all the older colors, I decided to go ahead and make a dauber box for all the older retired colors. Since I included the RGB codes, it might be a good resource for those who want to compare older colors and/or use the colors for digital work.

  2. Thank you so much for doing all of the hard work for us. I too like “neat and tidy” drawers and shelves and your method and labels help me do that.

  3. Hello Bev,
    I’m new to craft and a new Stampin Up Demonstrator in the UK. I’ve just stumbled across one of you YouTube videos and have now looked at your website.
    I just wanted to say how useful your methods and tips for organizing are… I’m still getting used to the different colours and names for everything. I’m sure your hard work will help me.
    I wanted to say thank you for your generosity and willingness to share what you’ve done, you’re a star!

    • Thank you so much Tracy! Welcome to the Stampin’ Up! family!!! I too thought I’d never learn all the names for the colors. I can barely remember my own name sometimes. But as I worked with them, the names came easily and I can usually recognize the colors I’ve used on a project. (But I definitely still use my Paper Sampler to check.)

  4. Oh my heavens! I use WORD at the day job and never thought to transfer the skill of auto-correct over to things like TIEF, CS, DSP for when I am creating tutorials. Being Canadian, we’re in the know to change neighbor, labor, behavior over to our spelling….the above is a game changer for me! Thanks, Bev!

    • I used Avery 5167 labels, 80 labels per sheet, 1/2″ x 1 3/4″. Print on a plain sheet of copy paper. It is really complicated to get all the alignment perfect for all computers and printers. If they don’t fit, you could print on full sheet label paper and cut them up, though it would be a nuisance.

  5. wow this is so wonderful, I just used the rgb slider for colours – marvelous you are so clever to work that out, and thank you so much for sharing.
    Vicki (Australia)

    • I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you are asking for. This message was on my Color Tools page. I have a lot of free resources on that page. You can just click and download just about everything there. Email me for more information.

  6. Bev, Just wanted to thank you for sharing so much information. You are so generous to share for free. You are an angel in disguise


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