Eye-Catching Ikat Photopolymer Stamp Set

Eye-Catching Ikat Photopolymer Stamp Set  Released November 2013

I had to look Ikat up. I thought it was pronounced eye cat.  Nope!

According to http://dictionary.reference.com

i•kat [ee-kaht]


1. a method of printing woven fabric by tie-dyeing the warp yarns (warp ikat) the weft yarns (weft ikat) or both (double ikat) before weaving.

2. a fabric made by this method.


Making a repeating pattern with this set is easy with the clear stamps!


Like the other photopolymer stamp sets, it sticks easily to the blocks. The stamp itself is clear (though it may get a bit stained from some inks) and is very easily placed exactly where you want it. The sets have all been priced at $13.95.


Print your own Eye-Catching Ikat Photopolymer Set Case Insert


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