Eye-Catching Ikat

Eye-Catching Ikat Thank You
Eye-Catching Ikat Thank You 12-7-13

I had to look up Ikat and listen to how to pronounce it.  According to the Merriam-Webster site, it’s \ˈē-ˌkät\  It’s not I catch, but more like he caught! It refers to a way of weaving the color into fabrics.  The designs are usually repeating and that is so easy to do with these clear stamps!


I love the photopolymer stamp sets.  They are clear through and through and stick nicely to the blocks. Most of the images have not quite been my cup of tea, but I like the way the stamps work a lot.


A few people have reported that the ink doesn’t stay on the stamp.  I had no problem, but if you do, I’d suggest cleaning them with soapy water or even just using an eraser to rough up the stamping surface just a bit.  I suspect there may be oil residue from the production of the stamps.  Once that oil is gone I think you’ll love these stamps as much as I do.  I have heard rumors they may have a presence in the annual catalog that comes out June 1st, 2014.


Click for supply list and printable directions.

Eye-Catching Ikat Thank You 12-7-13

Click here if you want a case insert to store your photopolymer set in a clear-mount stamp case.

Clear Case Insert – Eye-Catching Ikat Photopolymer


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