Fast Fuse

Fuse Fast Adhesive by Stampin' Up!

One of my favorite products in the new catalog!  I’ve been swearing at Sticky Strip for years.  I LOVE that it sticks well.  I HATE that it’s so hard to pick the red liner off and then when you finally get it off, the static clings and I can’t get it off me!  So when I saw Fast Fuse, I was overjoyed!  The firm hold of Sticky Strip combined with the ease of Snail Adhesive.


Well, it turns out it does have a learning curve.  Remember when you first tried Snail and it took a while to figure out how to work it?  And now you don’t even think about it; you just use it.

I’m hoping Fast Fuse is like that.  I was having a lot of trouble at first.  But I made a box out of Window Sheet and it holds well.  But I kept getting strings of adhesive.  And sometimes it didn’t leave a trail.  And the tip got all gummy from all the strings.  And then it started jamming up at the tip and at the take-up reel.  Grrrr!!!


So now I’m practicing and getting much better at it.  I need to go slow!  And then the angle and pressure seem to make a lot of difference.  Finally, there’s a kind of “check mark” move to finish the line without pulling a string.  There is a video from Stampin’ Up! showing how to use it.  I had to learn the hard way.

Don’t let the price in the catalog hold you back.  There is an initial outlay higher than Snail and Sticky Strip, but it’s way cheaper than Sticky Strip and the same or less than Snail once you start with the refills.

Snail             $6.95, 53¢/yard initially.  $4.50, 34¢/yard for refills
Fast Fuse     $9.95, 76¢/yard initially.  $7.50, 34¢/yard for refills. (But it holds better, so use less.)
Sticky Strip   $6.95, 69¢/yard 

I’m sold on Fast Fuse!

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