Butterfly Brilliance Multipurpose Liquid Glue Holder

Multipurpose Liquid Glue is a wonderful adhesive! It has two tips. The Round Tip is on the flat end of the bottle and it’s designed to spread glue on larger areas. The Pen Tip is on the pointed end and can place a small dot or thin line of glue. I really only use the Pen Tip.

The glue dries enough to hold quickly. I only really need to hold the pieces in place a few seconds unless I’m working on a 3D project. The glue is quite thick.

If I set the glue bottle down on the flat end, the glue slowly moves to the flat end. When I pick it up, the glue takes its time slowly moving toward the pointed end. It’s tempting to shake and squeeze it until the glue finally fills the Pen Tip. But then, it’s likely to start coming out under the pressure I’ve applied by squeezing. It keeps flowing out and I have too much glue.

You just need a tiny little line or two or even four or five tiny dots of glue to hold layers of card stock to a card. It’s very easy to use too much glue. When you use too much, it oozes out.

The great thing about the glue is that it stays sticky when it’s dry. The bad thing about the glue is that it stays sticky when it’s dry.

The solution is simple. Never set the glue bottle down on the flat side of the bottle. I try not to even set it down on the side of the bottle. I have used little jars or candle holders, and they work great. But perhaps you’ve noticed when you watch my videos, that it’s noisy when I pick the glue up or set it back in the glass holders.

This project is the perfect solution for all of that, plus it fits the glue bottles nicely and it looks nice on my desk.

If you don’t use the Multipurpose Glue (You need to try it! It’s wonderful!!!), you can use this little holder for pens and pencils, cotton swabs, make-up brushes, and probably a million things.

I did use quite a few retiring products. You can substitute any Designer Series Paper and decorations that are no larger than 2″. You do not NEED the Layering Circles Dies. Just glue your big washer on the paper and cut about 1/2″ or more around the washer.

Click here for the free detailed directions  and watch the video below.

You will want to go to your local hardware store for some of the items you’ll need:

  • 1” PVC Schedule 40 Coupling from the plumbing department
  • ⅜” x 2” Fender Washer from the hardware department, in with the bolts
  • Liquid Nails Glue where you find other adhesives. It’s near the paint department at our local big box store.
  • Cork Contact Paper. If you can’t find it at the hardware store it’s available on Amazon. You could also substitute felt.

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