Ink Refill Cases

Store your ink refills neatly on your shelf with your other stamping supplies.

17-18 Ink Refill Case Instructions

In addition to these supplies you will need a 4″ x 4″ piece of card stock for each color and, of course, the ink refill bottles.

More resources for Getting Organized.

20-21 19-21 In Color Ink refills
20-21 Brights Ink Refills
20-21 Neutrals Ink Refills
20-21 Regals Ink Refills
20-21 Subtles Ink Refills

19-20 In Color Ink Refills Case Insert
19-20 Subtles Ink Refills Case Insert
19-20 Regals Ink Refills Case Insert
19-20 Neutrals Ink Refills Case Insert
19-20 Brights Ink Refills Case Insert

2018-2019 Brights Refill Case Insert
2018-2019 Neutrals Refill Case Insert
2018-2019 Regals Refill Case Insert
2018-2019 Subtles Refill Case Insert
2018-2019 In Colors Refill Case Insert
2018-2019 Specialty Ink Refills

2018-2019 Clear Labels for card stock and ink refills, in French, and in German

2017-2018 Brights Insert
2017-2018 Neutrals Insert
2017-2018 Regals Insert
2017-2018 Subtles Insert
2017-2018 In Color Ink Refills
2017-2018 Labels for ink and card stock Print on Avery 5167, either clear or white

Catalog Correction Inserts

2016-2017 In Color Ink Refills
2015-2016 In-Colors Ink Refills
2014-2015 In Color Refills
2013-2014 In Colors Refills

I have been asked to create In Color Refill inserts so to hold retired In Colors. You could use the current year’s In Color insert and then the insert from two years ago. In other words, use the inserts for every other year.






8 thoughts on “Ink Refill Cases

  1. Vicki

    I have done the same thing with my ink refills! Like how you put in the extra clear pages, I’ll have to try that this year. I bought a binder so the last few years I bound my own, I like to add a folder with pockets on the back of the catalog. I put the occasions and other specials in it so I always have them with my main catalog. Thanks for all your ideas, I to am a work in progress on the organization!!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Thank you Vicki! I’m glad you are enjoying my website. I’m a work in progress regarding organization too, but I’m getting there. I find it’s the easy ideas that I actually use. If I have to work too hard to put things away, they’ll sit on my desk and become a tall pile I have to work around. I prefer having more time and space for crafting. 🙂

  2. Shari van Lankveld

    At Last! Thanks to you Bev, I have finally organised myself! I remember looking at your ink refill storage idea a few years back and it has been in my head all this time. Yesterday, I finally got there! My inks are in cases with beautiful labels! I am now working on storage for my memento, versa mark and other ink pads that don’t fit into the carousel. You are the queen or organisation for me! Thank you so so much for sharing your fabulous organising skills.

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      I’m glad you are finding my Ink Refill system helpful. I know you will feel that same satisfaction I get when I need to refill my stamp pads.

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      You are very welcome Leslie! I’ll be sharing the Ink Refill Case Insert with the new In Colors June 4th.

  3. Kathy

    Hi Bev I just happened to find your video for organizing and I just got done printing all of the inserts for the reinkers I was wondering if you were going to update to add the 19-21 colors in . I have just watched quite a few of your videos thank you so much for sharing I am a big work in progress but this will put me in the right direction. Thank you again Kathy

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      I had them done and uploaded, but it seems I forgot to add the link! Thank you so much for letting me know they were missing. They are there now.


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