My “Craft Wall”

I’ve moved from my Craft Corner to a Craft Wall. I’ve started to call the room my Multi-Purpose Room. I love that the room can convert to a guest room by pulling down the Murphy Bed, comfortable for adults and my older grandkids. With my craft supplies safely locked up and the pack and store open, it converts to a baby room or my younger grandkids. But most of the time I’m in there with my computer and crafts.

My craft supplies are all along one wall, so I call it my Craft Wall. The counter is only 18″ deep to allow for the Murphy bed in this tiny room. But I have quite a bit more counter space than I had in my Craft Corner. My stamps are easier to find on my media shelf, my file drawers open all the way, and I have a better view. But I still make every effort to use ever nook and cranny.

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