Techy Tips 10 – Search Evernote with Tags and Content Words


Evernote allows you to search through all the products from Stampin’ Up! to find exactly what you need for paper crafting.

Evernote is a free App (or program) that you can download to just about any computer or phone. Evernote is designed to help you share notes about any project you may be working on. I have created a notebook with all the current products that Stampin’ Up! sells.

Each note shows the catalog and page number where you can find the product. It also has the item number (even the French or German translations) and the price (US, Canada, Europe (Pounds and Euros), and the South Pacific. I have typed in all the phrases and named all the images so you can search Evernote. You can search by color, type of product, all the embellishments, as well as all the stamps.

I share my Evernote Notebook of Current Products for free. Just email me and ask! I’ll send you invitations to get Evernote, share the notebook, and join a private Facebook group.

I have more Techy Tips here including more Evernote videos.

I do apologize for the quality. My Surface (little computer) is great, but recording what is happening on the screen is challenging. The sound recording quality is really bad. I’ve added an extra microphone that helps a bit. It doesn’t make it good though. Plus it uses the one USB port so I can’t use my mouse and the microphone at the same time. Given all that, I hope the tips for searching are helpful!



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