Welcome to my craft corner

You see, it really is just a corner.  I have to apologize for the narrow formatting on the video.  I filmed this 3 times.  The first one was in landscape and when I watched it on my laptop it displayed upside down.  I tried portrait.  It displayed right on my phone, but sideways on the laptop.  🙁  So the third time was sideways again on the laptop and I decided to try posting it on YouTube to see what happened.  Perhaps I should have tried that first upside down one.  I learned it’s very difficult to move around with the phone and talk at the same time.


Anyway, you can see where I work.  I am able to own a lot of products, though it looks a bit empty after culling out most of my retired products.  Even with my boxes and shelves full, I can find what I want.  I do recommend Evernote.  It’s a huge help when I want to browse through my stamp sets or search for one particular image or phrase.  I hope my Getting Started Challenge shows that you don’t need to own as much stuff as I do.  I spend way too much time sitting in my corner, but I enjoy my creative space. I hope it inspires you to get organized so you can enjoy paper crafting.

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