Work of Art Puzzle Solution

Work of Art in case


I love this new stamp set in the 14-15 Stampin’ Up! annual catalog!  I was so excited to use it  It’s a wood set, so I dumped all the blocks out so make sure I put the rubber part on the right block.  I’d hate to do them one at a time and end up with a stamp that’s too big for the last block in the set!  I made a couple of really cute cards.

This set is so versatile!  You can use it by itself, or you can quickly add color to other stamp sets with all the swooshes.

And since I’m trying really hard to clean up after myself, I started putting the stamps back in the case.

Oh, oh!

I kept trying every which way and they didn’t all fit back in!  Out of desperation, I checked to see what other demonstrators had done to solve this puzzle.  I wasn’t the only one to have trouble!  But someone figured it out.  There are actually several ways to make them fit, but here’s my own solution.  Put the “answer” into the case!  I printed out a 5″ x 7″ photo and slipped it under the plastic outer layer between the paper label and the case.  Now I just match the picture.

Click below to print your own Work of Art puzzle solution.


Work of Art 5 x 7 inch Stamp Case Insert





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3 thoughts on “Work of Art Puzzle Solution”

  1. Can I just say BLESS YOU! I did exactly the same thing in dumping everything out to mount and couldn’t figure how to get them back in. I knew someone smarter than me would have figured it out and I am so thankful you cared enough to share online! Thank you!


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