Baby Bear Wedding

Baby Bear Wedding

I won this stamp set at the Stampin’ Up! Convention OnStage Live event this last April. I was so very thrilled to win it! It was my favorite of all the new stamp sets.

I used traditional browns, but there was a display board at OnStage with Baby Bear in lots of colors.


The stamp is “2-Step” which means it’s designed to stamp on stamp over another stamped image. This is actually a 3-step stamp set and the result looks nearly photographic. The clear photopolymer stamps allow you to see right where you want to stamp… at least if you don’t have a camera right where your head needs to be. But in the video (below on my website), my second layer is quite far off and it still looks great. You could also use a Stamp-a-ma-jig to position each layer perfectly.

If you were surprised by the timing of this post, I admit… I was too. I try to post a video each Thursday. Sometimes I work ahead, posting videos on YouTube, but making them “private” until I’m ready for my weekly post. I realized I’d neglected to make this one private. Oops! I was editing while Bud, our new 8 week old puppy we’re raising for Guide Dogs of America, was playing at my feet and nibbling my toes. It can get difficult to concentrate!


He looks very grown up in this photo. Here is is next to our “keeper” dog, Newman.


Newman, with his mini-me, laying side-by-side under my crafting chair, just as they are this minute, as I type. If you ever hear snoring on a video, you know Newman is nearby. I reserve the right to blame Bud for all other errors caused by distraction. 🙂

So anyway, I realized people may be searching for the promised “more info.” So I’m posting it now instead of August 4th. But that’s OK. I have some news I want to share next week.

Here is the promised “more info.”

Click here for the complete written directions.

If you are viewing this as an email, click here to see the supplies and the video for more information.

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