Birthday Box Set by Amanda Corbet for Craft Project Central

Happy Birthday Box Set SPBirthdays happen!  Babies, weddings, and graduations only happen now and then, but you will need birthday cards all year every year.  Stock up!

With this fun Birthday Box Set you will be ready for those birthdays. It is full of cards in 5 designs.  You can also use them for gift cards and there are 5 small gift bags for those diamonds (or just candies) you give your friends.  How fun!

Get the directions for the box, the cards, and the gift bags.  Just  subscribe to Craft Project Central for January.  You will also get all the other 10 projects featured this month.  Keep the ideas flowing by subscribing for 3 months, 6 months, or the whole year.

See more of Amanda’s fun projects on her blog.

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