Blendabilities Storage

Blendabilities StorageComing soon to Stampin’ Up! are Blendabilities Markers.  These alcohol based markers are wonderful to color with.  You will want to stamp with the Memento Ink Pad, not the Stazon.  (The Stazon is also alcohol based and will bleed with the alcohol in the markers.)  The colors blend beautifully!  You can even color on pearls and rhinestones!


Be sure to keep the caps on tight so the markers and Memento pad don’t dry out.  And they should be stored flat… so how was I going to store them?  I got crafty and made this case.

This is not an easy project, but I think it’s worthwhile.


Click below for free printable supply list and directions.

Blendabilities Storage Box

12 thoughts on “Blendabilities Storage

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      I started to set up my ecutter for this project, but really it was more trouble than it was worth for me. I’m still too slow on the set up and doing it manually was pretty quick.

  1. tracy Hughes

    Hi I would like instructions on making Blendabilities box clicked the link nothing happened??

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Hmmm… You should get a download of a PDF file. Are you able to download other PDFs? I’ll send it to you in an email.

  2. Candace Oliver

    First, I want to thank you for the Blendabilities Storage pattern. I am looking forward to making it.

    More importantly, I thought you should know that I often have fleeting thoughts of creating/designing solutions for life’s little ‘problems’. I rarely act on those misguided impulses because my solutions often cause far greater problems. An example being the box and plastic bags full of slightly too small pieces of foam-core for a storage unit I designed in September for my Stampin’ Up! markers & ink pads. I now need to house or hide all these bits before I start any new constructs.

    So now I need to thank you for Evernote, I know that no matter how disorganized I get, Evernote will help me find all the parts – as soon as I sort out all the parts of Evernote – I do remember commenting at the time something about Organizational Heaven.

    Over this past year or so I have encountered SOLUTIONS for many of my unresolved life problems as I and they frequently have your name ‘stamped’ all over them. Your insight, tact, humor and ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE are wonderful.Thank you for all you do.

    PS: I too am from California and moved north – I am pretty sure I have been here long enough, but God seems to have other plans – I’ve been in Canada since 1967. We too have those 2 week summers.

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Wow! Thank you, Candace!

      Don’t let a failure keep you from trying! Read some of these at Brainy Quote and you’ll find lots of famous people who failed miserably time and time again.

  3. BB Card Design, Sue Hall

    Hi Bev, I have just made your blendabilities storage box. thank you so much it looks really good on my desk. Thank you for sharing, and hope it’s ok I have shared your blog with some fellow demonstrators who will no doubt want to make it!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      You’re quite welcome! I’m glad the directions were clear so you could make your own. I’d love it if you would share my site with friends and on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media.

  4. Patricia

    Any chance these can be emailed to me ? I think your idea is wonderful and since we have to store them flat I love that all twelve sets canbfit. You are marvelous

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