Excel Spreadsheet tutorial 2 – Wish List and Demo Columns

Here is a bit more information about my Excel spreadsheet with Current Products. It shows how I keep track of what I own and what I want.  I go over a bit about how to filter to limit what’s viewed.  Check back for more.

I was told the sound was not loud enough .  In fact, some people couldn’t barely hear it.  While I can hear that my voice is a bit softer, I can hear it fine on my system.  I am working on a solution, but it’s hard for me to tell since I don’t experience the problem.  Please let me know you can hear this video. In the meantime, try plugging in external speakers if you have them.

2 thoughts on “Excel Spreadsheet tutorial 2 – Wish List and Demo Columns

  1. Sandy Elliott

    Brilliant! Amazing! I have a Filemaker Pro database for non-consumables I own with about 700 records. You’ve captured so much more info in your MS Excel spreadsheet than I have. Oh My Gosh!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Yep. I’ve got it all. It’s got info for Canada, Europe, and now Australia and New Zealand prices. Next step it to put those other markets on separate sheets to make it easier. And of course, next week start adding in the holiday catalog data. 🙂


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