Framelits, Thinlits, and the Precision Base Plate

Do you know the difference between Framelits and Thinlits? It will help you to know the difference to keep from warping or even bending those new beautiful dies!

Check out these gorgeous dies!


In the past there have been some detailed dies that looked gorgeous if you could get them to cut every single little hole and then there were bits and pieces to poke out of both the cut paper and the die. Stampin’ Up! has the solutions. No more swearing and picking!

But go back to Holly’s video at 6:15-6:30. She said to use only the Thinlits with the Precision Base Plate because the Framelits can warp or bend.  Now look at page 194 in your catalog. At the bottom it shows 5 Thinlits sets and says the Precision Base Plate is “required for detailed images in these 5 sets.” Take out a pen right now and underline “detailed.” Some of those sets have Framelits included.

In this video Holly is said not to use 3 of the small pieces in the Flourish Thinlits set with the Precision Base Pate. I have not yet ordered this set, but I can’t see one of those small pieces in the catalog images. But I guess we should be careful with small Thinlits too.

I called Stampin’ Up! asking for a list of what specific pieces should and should not be used with the Precision Base Plate. My question was sent up the chain to the Product Specialist. Here’s what I take to be the key part of his answer.

“He also explained that the sandwich used to cut out thinlits can also be a bit of personal preference with the demonstrators. Some demonstrators may find that the regular sandwich works and they can run it through once, while others may want to use the Precision Base Plate, which requires being run through a few times. If a demonstrator or customer is ever in doubt they will want to start with the magnetic platform sandwich because that requires less pressure. If that does not cut out the detailed image, they can then use the Precision Base Plate. In addition, the Precision Base Plate should only be used with the detailed image thinlits, as noted in the catalog.”

So here’s my plan, and this is only my personal opinion. I will use the Precision Base Plate only for the detailed Thinlits marked below in blue. I will use use either the new platform platform or the Magnetic Platform for the Framelits and other the pieces circled in red.

Precision Base Plate Recommendations screen shotDownload this flyer.

Bold Butterfly Bold Butterfly

Butterflies ThinlitsButterflies

Botanical Builder Botanical Builder


Delicate Ornaments Delicate Ornaments 

May Flowers May Flowers

Party Pop-Up Party Pop-Up Thinlits

Rose Garden Rose Garden

Sunshine Wishes  Sunshine Wishes

Detailed Images

The catalog states that the Precision Base Plate is required for the detailed images in these 5 sets at the bottom of the page. Again, I would use either the standard platform or the Magnetic Platform for the open pieces, especially the 2 open dies in Birds & Blooms.

Birds & Blooms Birds & Blooms

Bloomin' Heart Bloomin’ Heart

Detailed Floral Thinlits  Detailed Floral (I did not mark the edge piece. I think I’d only use the Precision Base Plate if the edge piece was next to the larger pieces.)

Flourish Thinlits  Flourish  *The catalog does not show the 4-petal flower on the top right, but it is included in the set. I just received this set of Thinlits and it was there. I also checked for catalog corrections and this error was listed.

Swirly Scribbles  Swirly Scribbles

Help your cutting plates last longer.

  • Use different spots on the plate.
  • Flip and rotate the plates.
  • Use one “messy” plate on the cutting side and one “clean” plate away from the cutting blades. When the messy plate gets bad, the clean one becomes the messy one and I bring in a new Replacement Standard Cutting Plate.
  • Try to bake the “bad” plates to extend their lift a bit.





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      I wish the email that went out from FeedBlitz was more clear. I need to learn how to write my posts so they make more sense in the email!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      I’m so sorry! The Swirly Scribble Dies retired June of 2019. You may be able to find them on eBay or from people selling their used products. Try searching on Google for “Retired Stampin’ Up! Dies.” Good luck!


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