Getting Started Challenge

Getting Started Challenge SuppliesI challenged myself to make as many projects as possible with a minimum of supplies.  Send me your samples and I’ll share them here too!

First, the supplies I used:

Total cost $122.35 plus shipping and tax.  That might sound like a lot, but this will make 40 beautiful cards at $3.06 each, mostly limited by those 40 envelopes.  If you buy 2 packs you will double that to 80 cards at $1.53 each.  Now consider how much you spend for cards at the store and the time it takes you to drive to the store.  I think it sounds like a bargain!  Next year, after you’ve sent a birthday card and maybe a Christmas card or Thank You to everyone, buy a different stamp set.  You will probably still have plenty of supplies on hand for more cards.


Alternatives you might prefer to save money.

Supplies I consider essential, but can be substituted with things you most likely have.  I think you’ll find the Stampin’ Up! easier to use and perform their functions better than the alternatives, but the alternatives can get you through until you’re ready to upgrade.

    • Stampin’ Trimmer $29.95, #126889  It cuts a straight line and scores to help fold a clean line.  Use scissors or a ruler and a razor knife for cutting.  Score by putting your card stock on a magazine and use something thin and round (like a paper clip, washer like you’d use with bolts, or maybe even a dime.) and a ruler to create the score line.Bone Folder $6.95, # 102300  Add it to my bag.
    • A Bone Folder , $6.95. #102300.  It helps you crease your score line for a crisp fold.  Use a finger nail or the side a smooth pen.
    • Paper Snips $9.95, #103579  I went for years without Snips.  When I finally bought some, I found they really did cut a lot better than my regular household scissors.
    • Snail Adhesive $6.95, #104332 and refills $4.50, #104331.   Use any 2 sided tape.
    • Multipurpose Liquid Glue $3.95, #110755. Use any white glue, but be careful of buckling.
    • Stampin’ Dimensionals $3.95, #104430.  They are only about a penny apiece and add a lot to your projects.  I have used foam carpet tape in the past, but if you’re going to buy something, by all means, buy the Dimensionals.
    • Stampin’ Mist $4.50, #102394 and Stampin’ Scrub $16.95, #126200.  The mist cleans and conditions your stamps.  Spray it on one side of the Scrub to clean and dry on the other side of the Scrub.  You could buy the Mist and spray it on a painter’s edger pad refills or you can use alcohol free baby wipes to clean your stamps.
    • Stamp-a-ma-jig $11.95, #101049.  See a home-made version here.

Send me photos your Getting Started Samples!

Email Me a picture and I’ll share them here.

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