Gift Bag Punch Board

The0511161319_resized Gift Bag Punch Board directions included in the box were confusing to me. I did what I do. I figured it out and made it simple.

Gift Bag Punch Board Cheat Sheet

A small bag starts with paper 10″ wide and the finished bag will be about 2 1/4″ wide.

A medium bag starts with paper 11″ wide and will be about 3″ wide.

A large bag starts with paper 12″ wide and will be about 3 5/8″ wide.

All the bags will be about 2″ front to back.

You can make the height anywhere from 2 3/4″ (starting with 4″) to 10 3/4″ (starting with 12″).

For example, the smallest bag will start with 10″ x 4″ paper and the bag will be 2 1/4″ by 2″ and 2 3/4″ tall.

The largest bag will start with 12″ x 12″ paper with a finished size 3 5/8″ by 2″ and 10 3/4″ tall.

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