How I use my Excel spreadsheet

OK Debra, here it is. . . a video on how I use my spreadsheet. The video quality is awful. I don’t think I have the software to make a screen-capture video, so I just used my phone.  Hopefully it’s enough to get you started on Excel.  I’m working on a similar video for Evernote as well.

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4 thoughts on “How I use my Excel spreadsheet”

  1. Bev, that is about the most awesome thing ever! I already loved your spreadsheet, because it had so much info I was trying to figure out…but to see how you keep track of what you want/need, with prices…I’m almost speechless (which rarely happens, ha)!

    • I’m glad the video makes some sense. You might take a look at Evernote too. I’ll post a video on Evernote next week so you can see how that works too.

  2. I am so GLAD you have this! I called Stampin’ Up! and asked if they had all the items with their item numbers/prices etc in an Excel spread sheet – or even like when they send out the Retired List. They said no – well, I can tell you this. . . I wish you would contact them and ask them to buy this product from you! You are an amazing woman and have done a huge amount of work on this! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I am a one year demonstrator (more of a hobbiest at this point) and am starting classes in October. This will be so helpful to me. Again, thank you!

    • You’re quite welcome Denise! I’m sure Stampin’ Up! could provide a spreadsheet. Stores make changes in their displays and move things around because the more time we spend there, the more we tend to buy. Perhaps Stampin’ Up! wants us to keep looking through the catalog. I don’t know about you, but I buy plenty! The spreadsheet helps me remember what I want when ordering and avoid buying duplicates.

      When products retire, I just move the products onto another worksheet. That’s been a huge time-saver when I sell them. I know what catalog they were in and what they sold for. I can keep track of what was sold, etc.

      Good luck on your first class next month! I’m really just a hobby demonstrator, trying to support my habit with just one workshop a month. Some people really work at it and can be very successful. I’m sure Stampin’ Up! can help you meet whatever goals you want to set for yourself.


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