Solving Evernote Issues

Yes, Evernote seems to get glitches every now and then. When I’ve contacted techs, I often get the same procedures. Primarily, it has been to rename the data file. It’s also been recommended to uninstall and reinstall the Evernote app.
The first time I was told to use this was to deal with duplicate tags in my tags list. I’ve also had the sync circle spinning for a hours and hours. And even recently I was having trouble adding an email in share the notebook.
I can pretty much guarantee that you can solve most glitches by doing this.
Rename the database folder. These directions are for a Windows computer.
  1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the task manager.
  2. Click “More Details” to view the background processes.
  3. Select any processes with “Evernote” in the title and end them.
  4. Open Windows Explorer. (This is the Windows icon to open your apps.)
  5. Paste %appdata% in the window header and press Enter.
  6. Rename to the “Evernote” folder to “Evernote.old”.
  7. Open Evernote and sign in.
I googled to see if I could find out how to do this on a Mac. If you can find the folder this way, you should be able to rename it like I did on my Windows computer. If anyone has a more clear way to do this specifically for Evernote, please let me know!
The profile file is stored in:
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
Usually an application will install data in /Library/Preferences/ and/or ~/Library/Preferences/.
Data can also be placed after any of the following patterns:
/Library/Preferences/<application name>/
~/Library/Preferences/<application name>/
/Library/Application Support/<application name>/
~/Library/Application Support/<application name>/͏͏͏͏
/Library/<application name>/
~/Library/<application name>/ ͏͏͏͏
To go above and beyond this step, uninstall the program. This means going into your settings.
First, be sure you know the email address you use for Evernote. If you don’t know it, you can email me. I keep that information. You will also need to know your password. I cannot help you with that, but Evernote can probably reset that for you if you don’t know it.
On a Windows machine, click the gear for Settings, click Apps, then Apps and Features. Find Evernote. Click the 3 dots on the right and select uninstall.
Yes, you really do want to uninstall the app. Your notes are not really stored on your computer. They’re stored on Evernote’s machines somewhere. Your notes are part of your account. You could come to my house and ask me to log out of Evernote and you could log into your account on my computer.  Or you can log into and see your notes there. That is counted as one of your devices, so if you’re on the free level you may need to revoke access to one of your other devices. You can always go back to that device later and revoke access to the online “device.”
I usually restart my computer.
Reinstall the app. You can get it from
Sign in again and give Evernote time to sync. (It may take an hour or more, depending on your internet speed and your computer.