Evernote is a free program that helps you organize. I have used it to create a searchable catalog of Products from Stampin’ Up! It allows you to search by color, image, product type, word, phrase, or event, and more. It synchronizes on your phone, table, and/or desktop or laptop computer, so you can look through the Stampin’ Up! catalog from anywhere any time.

Share my Current Products Evernote Notebook. I do my best to keep the notebook complete and accurate, including every product from Stampin’ Up! that is current with the item numbers and prices for US, Canada (English and French), UK, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, and New Zealand. When Stampin’ Up! adds new products, I add new notes.

Get the free Evernote program by clicking here and then get access to my notebook with the PayPal button below.

Contribute $10 (US dollars) and get the notebook for one year. I do need to send the invitations manually, and I also need keep track so I can pay California sales tax and know when it’s time for your subscription to renew. If I’m busy crafting, out in my garden, or on an adventure with my family, you may need to wait a bit. If you don’t see an Evernote WorkChat and an email from me in a day, please email me.

Because of tariffs, I don’t ship my products out of the country, but because the Evernote Notebook does not require shipping, I can sell outside of the US. PayPal will convert the exchange rate.

When I send the invitation to connect with my notebook, I’ll also invite you to a private Facebook group. This is the way I communicate with all those using my notebook to share any changes. It’s also one way for you to get more information from myself or others.

California sales taxes are included in asking price. Please enter the address you log in to Evernote in the box. Also, if you are new to sharing my notebook and you use a different email address for Facebook, please enter that in the second box.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Share my Current Products notebook for one year.

Email address for Evernote
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And if you’re not sure you’re ready to jump in with both feet…

3 Month Trial
You can try it out for 3 months for $5. I will send an invoice for an additional $5 if you would like to continue for the rest of the year.

Email address for Evernote
Facebook address, if different

Trouble Shooting

  • If I have invited you to share my notebook and you don’t see it…
    • If you already have Evernote, open the program and look for WorkChat. This is Evernote’s own messaging. You should see a message from me. If you don’t see Work Chat, look under View and select it.

      At the bottom of the message you should see a box with a book image and the name of the notebook. Click that box. It can take quite a while to synchronize, depending on your internet connection and your computer speeds.
    • Make sure I have the same email address you use to log into Evernote. Many of us have multiple email addresses. Email mismatch has been the issue for several people. If it might be a different email address, just ask me to add the other email address to Evernote.
    • If you still can’t figure it out, please email me. I can help you with a phone call or, better yet, a Zoom meeting. Zoom allows you to see my screen and I can also see your screen.
    • If you can see my notebook but can’t copy notes, please check to see if you are using the online version. I do not recommend the online version. Download the program from evernote.com/download to your device and use that app/program. If someone is having trouble, the first thing I ask is “How did you get to Evernote?” If it starts with going to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or any other internet browser, I direct them to the app/program and ask them to close all browsers.

Searching the Products You Own

I strongly encourage (perhaps even urge) you to create a new notebook for the products you own. (video #7) You can copy my notes from either the current or retired notebook into your own notebook. Then you can edit your notes all you want. I suggest you add information like where you have stored your product, perhaps when you bought it, or when you used it… You could even add photos of cards you made with a stamp set. You can also add products from other companies if you use them.

Retired Products

When products retire I move them to the Retired Products notebook. I do share the Retired Products notebook.

If you are sharing my Retired Products notebook, please feel free to add to it. It is far from complete. Someone once asked if I had notes for all the products Stampin’ Up! has ever sold. I wish!!! It is complete for the last several years, but beyond that, it’s not at all complete. I had a few products I had kept. But others have added lots of notes for the products they own. I used to always share, giving everyone the access to edit the notebook. I hoped everyone would add notes for the retired products they own and in that way the notebook would be more complete. But the access to edit also allows someone to accidentally move a note out of the share notebook and into their own or to delete notes for products they don’t own, not realizing they were deleting the notes from my notebook and all the others sharing the notebook. I now happily share the Retired Products notebook with anyone who asks, but I share it as view. I do eagerly hope others will ask for the access to edit notes so that notebook becomes more complete.


Many of these videos listed below were done a while ago and things have changed a bit. I beginning to rerecord some of them using Zoom which is giving me better audio as well as better screen recording.