Current Products Notes in Evernote

Evernote is a free app for organizing. You can download the app from Evernote here or your app store. Evernote can work on Mac and PC computers, phones, and tablets and your account will synchronize to each device. You will want  copy notes on your Mac or PC. The free version is just fine, though it limits how many new notes you can create (or copy) each month, how many devices you can use it on, and some convenient search features. You can always upgrade to a paid account later.

When you share my notebook you will be able to scroll my notebook all you want. You will  be able to search everything Stampin’ Up! has for sale (even with those limited search features). You can find all the stamps that are good for birthday cards, all the dies, all the punches, all the stamps that have line art because you love to color, everything in the current mini catalog, everything with an animal or specifically a bird, everything with a French translation, or just about any category you can think of.

But the real beauty is that you can create your own notebook and copy my notes for the products you own. Then you can scroll your personal products.

  • You can search your own products for just about any category
  • Helps you keep from buying duplicates
  • Helps you plan projects
  • You can keep track of projects you’ve made with at product and who you sent it to.
  • You can remind yourself where you stored a product.
How to Share My Notebook

Contribute $15 (US dollars) and get the notebook for one year. This is not per catalog year, but one year after you get connected. I do need to send the invitations manually. If I’m busy crafting, out in my garden, or on an adventure with my family, you may need to wait a bit. If you don’t see the “Current Products” notebook listed in Evernote under “Shared with me” and an email from me within 24 hours, please email me.

When I send the invitation to connect with my notebook, I’ll also send you information on how to join a private Facebook group. This is the way I communicate with all those using my notebook to share any changes. It’s also one way for you to get more information from myself or others.

Please enter the email address you plan to use to sign into Evernote.

 I have a video on how to connect with my notebook here.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Share my Current Products notebook for one year.

Email address for Evernote

2023 Price Increase

Many people have told me that I don’t charge enough to share my Evernote notebooks. With prices going up everywhere, I’ve decided to raise my prices from $10 per year to $15. Hopefully you will find that this is still a great deal and well worth the price.

How to get started

  1. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay. You can use your credit card. When I get the notice you have paid, I’ll send you an invitation to the program and an (unfortunately long email) with directions. I can usually do that very quickly, but since I need to do it manually, it may take me some time to process it. Please email me if it takes more than 24 hours.
  2. Get the Evernote program (if you don’t already have it) here
    1. Click the green button on their website. How downloads are processed depends on how your computer is set up. My downloads go to the default folder titled Downloads. I then need to open the folder and click the .exe file to install. Some computers are set up to install immediately when you click the green button.
    2. The Basic (free) version is just fine. You can view all my files and make copies. But the program limits how many copies (data) you can add each month. You can always upgrade later if you have a lot of products and you are not willing to wait a month to add more once you reach your data limit.
    3. The online version used to be less than desirable, but is seems it is now the same version as the app. I do still recommend the app.
    4. If you get this message when trying to install Evernote, it means you already have Evernote installed on two devices. The big links offer to upgrade you to a paid level. It will cost you money. The tiny little line that says “Unsync a device” will help you remove a device so you can stay on the free level and add this new computer, phone, or whatever.

The Current Products Notebook is One Shared Notebook

It’s important for you to know we share this notebook. When I change the shared notebook on my computer, the changes synchronize to my account on Evernote’s computers, then synchronize to your account, and then to your computer. I only give access to View my notebook. If you could edit the notes, you would be editing our shared notebook That just doesn’t work with so many people sharing it. You cannot make changes to the shared notebook. You can’t add to it, but you also can’t mess up my notebook. I encourage you to create a notebook of  your own and copy my notes into your notebook. You will be able to change your own notes all you want.

The Current Products Notebook Has All Current Products Stampin’ Up! Sells.

I do my best to keep the Current Products notebook current. There are two exceptions. I do not attempt to keep track of Clearance products. I consider them retired. I don’t keep track of the Paper Pumpkin Kits, but read below to learn more about them.

I have created the Current Products notebook myself. I type most of the data, but I do copy some things from the PDF copy of the catalogs, especially anything you see in French, German, or Dutch. Much of the content of my notes is based on my opinion. Much of the choices I make are made when working on my small laptop for extended periods of time. I make errors.

I usually have the new notes added within minutes of when a new catalog goes “live” to customers. I am an Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I do not work for Stampin’ Up! One of the benefits of being a demonstrator is advance access to catalogs. There are sometimes products that are offered as a surprise even for demonstrators. I have a bit more trouble keeping track of the special offerings.

I am very grateful when people email me ( to let me know of any errors or omissions.

Evernote Tutorial

I have an Evernote Tutorial now here on my website. You can also find it as a note in the Current Products notebook titled Evernote Tutorial.

Evernote Help on Zoom

I am available for any help you may need. Using Zoom allows you to see my computer screen and I can see your screen if you’d like. Register at least 3 days prior to the event. Click here  and go to Events to see my calendar. Look for Evernote Notebook Consultations. When you register, I’ll email you the URL/invitation for the Zoom meeting. I believe the direct link to register is :

Having trouble with the app not working right? Click here.