Technical Difficulties!

Ugh. I don’t think my computer is supposed to look like this! The top of my screen is literally popping open and we’re looking into the inside workings through the 1/2″ gap. I noticed it Tuesday evening and I think it’s grown since then. Yesterday I headed off to Staple’s Office Supplies and then Fry’s Electronics. I was told it’s not likely to explode right in my face, but to keep a fire extinguisher next me when/if I use it. The battery could burst into flames and then explode. So no more petite Surface computer for me any longer. I have a new laptop, a bit larger, and I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to get my email, make sure I have all the apps I rely on, and generally moving in to the new machine.

When I clicked on my link to get Movie Maker, the program I’ve used for editing my videos, I found “As of January 10, 2017, Windows Essentials 2012 is no longer supported on Windows 10, and is unavailable for download.” Oh no!

I try very hard to upload a new video every Thursday. I have a number of videos recorded, ready for editing. You do not want to see my videos without editing, believe me! So I will need to either quickly learn Adobe Premier Pro, a more powerful program, but lots to learn, or find a nice easy video editor similar to Movie Maker. That in itself is a daunting task. So no video today. I hope you understand!

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6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties!

  1. Carolanne

    I hope you find a new movie maker, I hate up grades… I got a Mac this last time
    Still have my old pc though
    I plan on the Evernote on it…
    Praying for a better day on your computer…

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Thank you, Carolanne. I have a friend that thinks he can get me MovieMaker for my new machine. And my brother-in-law who works with videos professionally gave me a lead for a different program. It will all work out… just not in time for today’s video.

  2. Karen Emery

    I’m so sorry this happened! All this work on your birthday, too. Won’t e impatient. Good wishes on finding the right video editor. Hugs and hang in there

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Thank you, Karen! It will all work out. Lots of work getting things set up, but the Surface has not (yet) caught on fire and I think I was able to get all my files.

  3. Nancy Farrell

    Good Morning Bev,
    Happy Monday. You are the best! I can hear your voice (from your videos) as I read your technical difficulties. I hope you had a good weekend and your computer woes are finished. I adored your Craft Wall tour. I love Tiny Houses TV show too and you have certainly made the most of your area. I have a corner in my office. When I a sitting at my craft desk, I can reach everything I need. I feel so lucky and greatly blessed!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Thank you so much Nancy! I am getting my technical difficulties remedied. I think I’ve got most everything loaded and available on my new computer including Movie Maker, thanks to a very good friend. I will definitely be posting a video on Thursday.

      In some ways my craft corner worked better than my new space. Everything was in arms reach. But I do adore all the counter space in my new room and the files are working out great. Whatever makes it easier to enjoy time crafting. I too feel greatly blessed.


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