Techy Tips – Introduction to my Excel spreadsheet with current Stampin’ Up! products

Introducing my spreadsheet. I use this spreadsheet for all kinds of things!  I use it for searching for products, keeping track of what I own, what I plan to share next. It helps me plan what I can afford and what I plan to buy next. And when I order I just copy and paste into the online order form.  This first video shows how to freeze panes and sort by catalog and page.

I was told the sound was not loud enough .  In fact, some people couldn’t barely hear it.  While I can hear that my voice is a bit softer, I can hear it fine on my system.  I am working on a solution, but it’s hard for me to tell since I don’t experience the problem.  Please let me know you can hear this video. In the meantime, try plugging in external speakers if you have them.

Download the Spreadsheet

I’d like to thank these people for helping me collect the data.

  • Amy Phelps
  • Becky Fredericks
  • Brenda Myers
  • Candi Grace
  • Carolyn Bennett
  • Sandy Elliott
  • Judy Westcott
  • Susan Horr
  • Julie, Paula, and Debbie (I don’t have these ladies’ last names)
  • Therese Arsenault who did the Canadian entries
  • Sylvia Walberg who is working on the EU-UK markets translations

More Techy Tips I am planning are about Evernote and more ways to use the Excel spreadsheet.

Let me know if the video is helpful.


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2 thoughts on “Techy Tips – Introduction to my Excel spreadsheet with current Stampin’ Up! products”

  1. I had so much fun helping with your spreadsheet for the new catalog. Thanks for letting me! This video was very helpful on using the spreadsheet and I do so appreciate the things you share with us!

    • Thank you so much for helping! I have credited the team several places. I’m glad you can see how I’ve used it. I will probably do one on how I turn this into the labels and Evernote information.


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