Stamp Pad Storage Solution for the 2018 Style Cases

Old Style Case Storage

New Style for 2018

You do not need to invest lots of money to keep your stamp space tidy. This stamp pad storage costs pennies… 1/2 sheet of card stock for each stamp pad plus a sheet of foam core board for strength and separation and a bit of time. You can arrange your stamp pads any way that makes sense to you. I now have mine sitting on my window sill with a shelf over it keeps my stamp pads handy but off of my limited counter space. I could move them back to the cabinet where I had them before, but that cabinet is now filled with stamps, punches, and all those other supplies I keep in stamp cases. My entire stamp storage is 56 1/2″ wide and 3 1/2″ high. Another arrangement could be the In Colors on a 5th row and the specialty inks on the end.

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2 thoughts on “Stamp Pad Storage Solution for the 2018 Style Cases

  1. Cathy Murphy

    Bev, I have a mixture of old style Stampin Up ink pads and the new style. I plan to do a set of each one to accommodate the different styles. I have some “old favorites” retired colors of the older style as well as some that are still current. Did you find that with using the 5 boxes wide, that there was a limit to the height that would still be stable. In your example, you used 2 high for each color family, which would be 8 “shelves” high. Did you find the 8 was quite stable and I was wondering if I needed to go 10 high if that would be pushing it a bit! Your system looks so nice and tidy! And you make it look very simple! Thank you!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      I never had a problem with stability with a taller stack, but I’m sure shorter stacks would probably be better. I believe I had them 10 high for a while, but they were on an enclosed media cabinet with little chance of the stack getting bumped or things put on top. You would not want the front of the boxes to collapse and the whole tall stack to come tumbling down! The foam core board adds a lot of stability to it and I had foam core between each layer. You could add more stability by adding a second piece of foam core every few layers and maybe to the sides and/or back as well.

      It doesn’t matter how wide to take them. You will need to keep all the same sizes in the same horizontal stacks.

      The bottom line is that you have little to lose. Even if you had a total collapse, it’s just a matter of a few sheets of card stock and sorting out the stamp pads again.


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