Evernote Notebook of Current Products

This is a great time to finally get organized. We all seem to have a lot of extra time on our hands. Evernote will help! You can look through all your crafting products on your computer or even your phone. It is so easy to find a stamp with a mouse or the word “victory,” or a border, or everything with stripes, or with Calypso Coral. I needed a small circle die to line my clear phone case. A punch wouldn’t work and even the smallest Layering Circle Die was too large. Evernote found the perfect thing in the Lakeside Die set!

Click here to share my Current Products Evernote Notebook, a searchable catalog.

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I’d be honored to be your demonstrator!

4 thoughts on “Evernote Notebook of Current Products

  1. susan wolan

    Hi Bev. My name is Susan and I am a SU Demo for the 3rd time now. I have had to sell my craft room 3 times in the last 50 years. (Yes, I am old!) Sold because of either moving and downsizing and twice bc of health related issues. Only the last sale of my craft room included SU items. The other two were various crafts. Anyway this time around I need organization!! You were recommended on a SU Hobby Demonstrators group.
    I need something very, very user friendly. I am not tech friendly and I am challenged by all this technology and it discourages me from doing my utmost.
    Here are my questions:
    1. Is Evernote user friendly, like for elementary knowledge level…I always say a second grader can do better than me when it comes to technology and navigation.
    2. I don’t have near what is in your notebook…. will I be able to transfer stamps set that I see that you also have and the data into a notebook of my own? is that what people do?
    3. Is it 10$ a year for a subscription for a year?
    4. Are you available for tech support if I cannot figure it out?
    I guess that’s all for now.

    Oh and as a side note to you personally…in high school I had a friend named Bev Adams!!

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Evernote is easy to look through. Yes, the $10 is for a year. Yes, I can offer tech support. We can Zoom and we can look at each others screens. I have videos available and I help you search and copy notes. I encourage people to copy notes for all their products into their personal notebooks. You’ll be able to find just what you want.

      As for your friend. Bev Adams, there are a few of us, but I don’t believe there are many of us. I remember going to a group meeting and couldn’t find my name tag. Someone else was wearing it! It turned out I was in the wrong group. 🙂

    1. BevAdamsStamps Post author

      Absolutely! You can download the program without signing up for the free trial of the Personal level. The free version does have a low monthly upload limit, but if you can be patient and upload to the limit each month, it will work just fine. Few people would buy enough new products in a month to reach the limit.


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