Evernote screenshot (2)Evernote is a free program that I have on my laptop and phone. I have “notebooks” for project ideas, color combinations, and products. I have spent way too much time creating notes for every current Stampin’ Up! product. But the time invested has been worth it to me. I can scroll through the stamp sets I own, browsing for what I want, search for all the stamps to say “thanks,” or search for every set that has a flower or tree. Love it!

Evernote is on both my laptop and my phone and they are synchronized so I can scroll through the catalog or just the products I own from anywhere. I can find what I need (or want) on Evernote. Theoretically I could keep my products tucked in various corners of my home and still be able to find them with Evernote. Here’s a video how I use it.

This post is from 2014. I am still sharing my notes. You will need to click here to find out how.

When you access my files you won’t be able to make any changes to my files. If you want to make the notes your own, you can copy them to your own notebook. Then you can change them all you want.

Want to know more about Evernote?

Evernote has their own tutorial here.  First tip: Be sure to select your device. Evernote works on Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad, and straight off the web. It looks a bit different on each device.

A quick search on YouTube
A very thorough explanation of what Evernote can do for you. He is using a Mac. 41 minutes

This lady created her stamp inventory on Evernote, so it is right up our alley!  She uses tags for everything where I have just added text in the note. Evernote will search the text in the note. 10 minutes

A Google search for Evernote Tutorials brought up 2,980,000 results, so I’m sure you can find out everything you need to know.

And if you are sharing my Evernote notebook and want to copy my notes into your own notebook:

  1. Create a notebook to copy the notes into.
  2. Go to the joined notebook.
  3. Select the notes you want.
  4. On Windows, right click and select “copy to notebook.” 
    • Be sure to check the boxes to Preserve Created and Updated Dates and especially Preserve Tags.
  5. On some devices you will highlight the note, and select “duplicate” and select your notebook.
  6. On the free/Basic version of Evernote, there is a lime on how much data you can add per month. Viewing my notes does not add data, but copying my notes does. If you run into to limit, just wait until the month has passed and add more notes. You can find where you are on the data limits and the date you can start adding more data on your Accounts page.
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30 thoughts on “Evernote”

  1. I Bev I am a new Independent Stamin’ up Demonstrator in Australia (all of 2 months). I just love your site & your youtube videos. I work full time and now a demonstrator I need to be organised & you sit gives me loads of ideas. I saw Evernote on your site & the video so recently downloaded this software. I was hoping you might share your product files with me? If you only share with in the U.S.A would you be willing to give me a few tips on how to get the products into Evernote.
    Many thanks & a great fan to your website
    Sonia Carr from the land downunder

    • @Julie, I have sent you an invitation to join my Evernote notebook. Sorry the link didn’t work for you. I don’t know what is wrong with the email. I don’t see any error in the code and when I click the link it initiates an email. Is anyone else having problems with the email link?

  2. I would love to have a looksy at your evernote file to see how Evernote can help me with my constant disorganization. #demo10yearsinaugust

    • Welcome Cassie! You should be receiving invitations from Evernote to get the program and to share my notebook named “Current Products.” I think the Evernote link takes you to the online version first. Once you have accepted the invitation to share, I think you will find it helpful to open Evernote on your computer/phone and view from there. It may take a while to synchronize. Look for the tag “Evernote Tips” for a bit more help.



    • You’re quite welcome! I’ve been hard at work updating my files for the new catalog. I’ll add the images in as soon as the catalog goes live. Enjoy!

  3. Bev, thank you so much for providing these awesome resources. I can wait to start using my Evernote file. 🙂 Could you please send me a link to download. I have subscribed and look forward to receiving your newsletters.

  4. I would love to be able to use your files to start my Evernote notebook, it would save so much time! My question is that I have a MAC. Will your files translate into my MAC?

    I’m downloading Evernote right after I send this message. I would be happy to PayPal money to you, it’s worth every penny. Could you tell me please, what is a fair amount? I saw “whatever you wish”, but can you give me a number to start?

    You have the current catty, but do you still have past product lists available?


    • Evernote and my notebook will absolutely work with your Mac. It works with Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, and perhaps more. I find it easiest to use on a computer, but it’s easy to scroll through on a phone as well.

      I ask $5 or $10. There’s a drop down menu on my PayPal button with those choices. Some people feel inspired to send even more money. I think I’ll eventually ask for $10, but it’s taken a while to feel confident about tracking who I’m sharing with and the best way to renew over time.

      I do also have a Retired Products notebook. I only wish that one had every retired product. It’s complete for the last few years and others have added notes. I share that one with anyone who asks for it.

      I look forward to sharing my notebooks with you!

  5. Bev, I have been trying with no success to get Evernote to correct my account. Problem, when updated I lost everything, stuff I had entered and both the current notes and the retired notes you had sent me. You cannot get a phone number or even a place to enter the problem in a customer service place. That is a really bad way to do business, I think. I do not know if you have a contact with them or not. I really was using your notes and am frustrated to the max now. If all it takes is for you to resend me, then that would be great, just hate that all the work is falling back on you.
    Betty Goodson

    • I know. Isn’t it awful? I am not at all happy with the way they’ve handled the update. I have sent you a direct email in response to your comment. I also want to comment here in case others read it. Please go to the tab Current Products in Evernote. You can read about the current state of affairs about halfway down the page with a large title in red ink. Evernote is aware of the issue and they assure me they are working hard to address all the (probably thousands of) issues.

  6. Bev, I had your “free shared” notebook, then I paid for an updated version from you. However, I could not figure out how to create my own notebook. Then you requested for me to pay for additional updates, but I haven’t since I could not figure out even how to use the Notebooks I already had. Now all the notes are gone. That is why I have not continued to update/pay for the product. What can I do? I would like to use this system, I think.

    • Thank you for your interest in my Evernote notebook of Stampin’ Up! products. I have notes for every current product. The notes include images, item numbers, and prices for all the markets. The notes have all the words in the set and descriptions of all the images so you can search for those. You will automatically see any and all new products Stampin’ Up! adds during the year.

      If you are interested in the Current Products notebook, go my the tab for Evernote Current Products where I have PayPal buttons. https://bevadams.com/evernote-current-products/ I ask for a $10 contribution which gives you access for a year. Be sure to enter the email address you use (or plan to use) to log into Evernote.


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