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I hold monthly workshops in Camarillo, California.  They are usually held on the third Saturday of the month at 10:00.  Reserve your space to join us if you’re in the area.


  1. Christine Higgins

    Hi Bev. Thankyou so much for your tip on using grease proof paper with the hexagon hive die. I was just about to toss it, when I thought dash try google and your site came up. No more wasted paper. Isn’t it amazing, even though you are on the other side of the world, you have been a help to me, way down here in this little state of Australia called Tasmania. I am not a demonstrator, just a hobby for me. Thanks again Cheers Christine

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I’m so glad I was able to help you! The wax paper (I guess you call it grease proof paper there) really helps a lot! I saw it on the website for demonstrators. I’ve used the wax paper with other dies too. The paper pops right out!


    Bev, I just found your website from Pinterest today and I cannot tell you the last time I was so impassioned by a website. I LOVE yours! Thank you so much for your impeccable detail and love, love, love your thoroughness.
    I’ll be visiting your site often. I already have it bookmarked. Thank you again

  3. Hi Bev! I just wanted to thank you for the case inserts that I just printed out. I am trying to get my craft room organized and your tools will help me SO MUCH! I think it is absolutely amazing that you provide all these tools free of charge! I know a simple “thank you” doesn’t make up for all the time and energy you put into making these, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it immensely! I just bookmarked your site as one of my favorites and will be visiting often. And, will definitely be sharing the word with all my crafter friends that this website is a “must visit”.
    Thank you!

    • You’re quite welcome! I’ve created most of these tools for myself and am happy to share. Of course, I hope to gain customers for Stampin’ Up! products through this site.

  4. schelly gettings

    Finally made it to your web site! LOVE IT!!!! You are amazing. Did not see a place that I could follow it but I will keep checking in! Great job!

  5. Hell-o Bev, I found your site, love the metal flashing snowflake ornament. I’m not sure how
    this works, and I live in Oregon so I will not be able to enjoy your workshop. Please tell me how I
    can make this snowflake. Thanks Kristy

  6. schelly gettings

    Hey Bev, This is Schelly from Jeanne’s class. Can you send me the file for Evernote? I am trying to get it together like you!

  7. Linda Thompson

    Hi, Bev,
    You always do such a great job of keeping us organized. I’ve been checking to see if you have updated inserts for new products in the 2015-2016 Annual Catalog (thinlits, framelits, etc.) I’ve been using your ideas for several years now to store my new products and I’m beginning to get organized, finally.

    Thanks for all you do and share freely with us.


    • BevAdamsStamps

      You’re quite welcome Linda! I’m working on more case inserts for the Thinlits and Framelits right now, so check back soon.

  8. Marsha Knatcal

    Hi Bev, I just watched your video on Evernote and was wondering you would share your file? I’m currently using a pretty primitive method and would really like to update it and make life a little easier! Thanks for all your do to keep us all organized!

  9. Linda Darnold

    how do I add pictures of SU stamp set to evernote? where do I get the pictures? I cannot copy and paste
    from the catalog. I’m so anxious to begin organizing my stamps with evernote

    Thank you for your video – it really helps us beginners.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Linda, if you are wanting images for current products, they should all be in there already. I copied and pasted from the online store. If you want images for retired sets, there are a lot of choices. Any way you get images normally can be copied and pasted into Evernote. You can find a lot of the stamp images of retired sets at Split Coast Stampers. They are all sorted alphabetically and most of them someone has stamped the images on a paper and scanned it. Or you can stamp and scan or take your own photo of your products.

      The key to adding new notes is to type in every word on the stamps and name every image. That’s what allows Evernote to come up with the images when searching. So I might type in leaf, leaves, stem, branch, twig…

      Don’t worry about finding the save button. Everything is saved automatically.

      Have fun!

  10. Do you have the clear case insert for the Paper Pumpkin stamps called Mistletoe and Holly? I really appreciate all of the work that you have done and shared!

    • I haven’t been subscribing to Paper Pumpkin, so I haven’t kept up with them. I don’t believe I have access to the images. You could always use the blank inserts and just stamp the images.

  11. Hi Bev,
    I am so thankful for all the hard work you do and your willingness to share with everyone. I am hopeful that you also organize paper pumpkin kits. If you do would you please share the list with me? I am in the process or organizing my small tiny room that is really a tiny bedroom. I am planning on placing all the paper pumpkin stamps in the project life 6×8 photo pocket pages with labels. I am thinking that it will be easier to grab the small album with all the stamps in it if I am going to a crop. But I am fearful that it might be “out of sight out of mind”. A friend has suggested that I ink up all my stamps and use a notebook to have a handy reference. This would be a massive job since I have about 300 stamp sets. Of course I could sell a few to make room for new. What do you suggest?

    • I confess that I am not a regular Paper Pumpkin subscriber, so I’m out of that loop. But one of the people who shares my Evernote Current Products notebook has created a Paper Pumpkin notebook. I have sent you an invitation to share hers.

  12. I tried to click on the links for dies that were not on your lists, but my virus protection would not let me. You said to let you know if there were inserts that were not in your list. Here are the ones that I need:
    Secret Garden Framelits
    Label Card Thinlets
    Bloomin’ heart Thinlets
    Adorning accents edgelits
    mini treat bag thinlets
    circle card thinlets
    envelope liners framelits
    fun fall framelits
    holiday ornaments framelits
    homemade holiday framelits
    snowflake card thinlets

    Also, I was wondering if the blank insert for the thinner products can be made so that you can type the name in the box, and it will go on the side also. I am struggling with that. I am able to use the blank wooden inserts easily.

    I also want to thank you for all of the work that you do. You are amazing!

    • Thank you for checking my lists! I somehow overlooked Bloomin’ Hearts Thinlits, but I’ve posted that one now.

      I have the Mini Treat Bag, Circle Card, and Envelope Liner Thinlits sets and they will not fit in a standard case. Would you still like the inserts?

      I only create inserts for current products. When products retire I do leave the inserts available and just move them down to a separate section on my list. I believe the remaining products have retired.

      I’m not sure which link your virus protection blocked so I can’t check it.

      I have no idea why the pdf for the blank wide inserts work and the standard one doesn’t. They are both pdf files. Iwill save them as a jpeg, but getting them to the right size might be difficult. I will put those up with the sizes and you can see if that works. I suppose you could use the just stick the Avery 5167 labels to a the blank inserts, a piece of copy paper, or even some Designer Series Paper.

  13. Kathryn Whittaker

    Hi Bev!

    Thanks for replying to my search on Stampin’ Connection. I was wondering how much you want for the “Season of Cheer” DSP, and how much for shipping? I live in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah (about 10 minutes from Stampin’ Up!’s headquarters, actually.) Thanks for helping me out.

  14. Carla B. Sturgis

    Dear Ms. Adams
    I am an avid Stampin Up customer. I loovvee the products. And I love the way you have organized their products. I have two small ,let’s say problems. one is I’m handicapped. And the other is I’m ssoo computer I guess the word I’m looking for is Dumb. I have a great demonstrator. But I hate to ask her to do anything else for me, I do approximately 150 cards a month, and being more organized will help me, keep that pace up.
    I was a right handed person, but due to a brain tumor I am left handed. I’m not going to let that stop me though. My Question is how do I make a PDF File you talk about.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Wow! You make 150 cards a month! That’s wonderful. Clearly your handicap doesn’t slow you down too much!

      I love helping people with tech! First of all, nobody knows everything about computers. You clearly are not dumb, just perhaps untrained and/or practiced. First thing you need to know is that a pdf is a file that is ready to be opened by most computers and they are made so it diagrams stay the same. They are also used for legal documents because they can be made so the other person can’t change the wording or whatever. You don’t have to make a pdf. You just need to download and open it and probably print it. Just click the link and your computer should download the file automatically. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to find where your computer put is. The most common place is a file named “Downloads.” The file may open in a common program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Reader allows you to see the file before opening it. Some printers change the sizes a bit so that when you print labels they typing doesn’t stay within the labels. You’ll have more success if you fully download it. Look in the upper right corner for a white rectangle with a downward facing arrow. Then find the file and print it.

      I’ve been wondering what my video will be this week. Maybe I’ll make one on downloading PDFs.

  15. Hi Bev, Could you tell me the color codes for each category? I have been printing your labels on my stamp boxes, but I still have a bunch I need to color coordinate that I couldn’t find on your site. I found some of your label that didn’t have the color for the spine of the stamps edge. I hope I have explained this so you can understand. I really want all my stamps in order.
    Thank you, Sandy

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I think you’re asking for the RGB codes for the Stamp Case strips that I slip into the bottom of my stamp cases. The newer ones have the coordinating products, the recommended blocks, and the usual catalog, page number, how many stamps in the set, and the item numbers for all forms whether clear, wood, or photopolymer. I’ll respond to those colors and codes but if you were asking about something different, please ask again and I’ll try to answer differently.

      The color codes I use on the spine coordinate with the colors used in the annual catalog. So here are the sections, colors and codes for the 15-16 catalog.
      Birthday, pages 5-12, Crushed Curry, RGB 254, 197, 45
      Thanks, pages 13-18, Tangelo Twist, RGB 241, 114, 34
      Love & Sympathy, pages 19-30, Mint Macaron, RGB 159, 194, 170
      For Baby, pages 31-38, Hello Honey, RGB 233, 187, 68
      For Kids, pages 39-48, Tempting Turquoise, RGB 75, 196, 213
      Project Life, pages 49-54, Perfect Plum, RGB 133, 105, 128
      Gift Packaging, pages 55-66, Watermelon Wonder, RGB 236, 90, 92
      Christmas, pages 67-72, Pear Pizzazz, RGB 171, 173, 89
      Everyday, pages 73-110, Rich Razzleberry, RGB 149, 69, 103
      Artistic Expression, pages 111-134, Delightful Dijon, RGB 207, 155, 65
      These colors match the catalog tabs I’ve made available.
      My system breaks down with the mini catalogs. Those are not divided like the annual catalogs. Sometimes I will color the Christmas stamps with the same color as the annual catalog. Some years I’ve made all the Holiday stamp sets one color then use a different color for the Occasions and Sale-a-Bration catalogs. Other times I just give up and leave the ones for the minis blank.

      I have sorted my stamps so many different ways. One year I sorted them as they were in the annual catalog and that’s when I started the color coding. The last couple of years I have been alphabetizing them.

      I try to make the labels to be useful no matter how people sort their stamp sets. How do you sort your stamp sets? What colors make the most sense to you for the sets from the mini catalogs?

      • Yes, this is what I am looking for! Question, so you don’t use the same color codes for each year? It changes with each catalog? Another question how do I put a color on the strip you have already done, but color is blank?

        I do want to thank you for all the work you have put into this for all of us. It has been so helpful getting my stamps organized.

        • I focus on current products. Also I do most of my labels, inserts, and charts in pdf format. The pdf format keeps the files stable and able to be opened on more computers. The downside of pdf files is that they can’t be edited. Perhaps you could use an AquaPainter to color in the sections if you wanted to color code.

          • Thank you using the AquaPainter is a great idea! I will try that.

            Thank you so much for all your help!!

          • I hope that works for you. I hope that works with your organizational system. Stampin’ Up! is not consistent with how they organize the catalogs from year to year. I rely on Evernote now when I’m looking for a particular occasion or theme so alphabetizing my stamps works well for me.

  16. Hi Bev,
    I wondered if it was possible for you to make me an Ink Refill Insert for 2013 Incolors (baked brown sugar etc.) Also I wondered it you could make me an insert for the sponge daubers with just the last four incolors and the new one when it comes out and the rest of the columns blank? For some reason I just can’t get it right. The colors are way off when I try. It would be greatly appreciated. What you have done is fabulous!!!!!

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my case inserts. My focus is on current products. I would have to start charging for custom inserts for retired products. If you would like an insert for retired ink refills you could use the blank Wood-Mount case insert to create your own. You could use actual ink or paper to get the colors right.

      I will be making a Sponger Dauber Box insert when the new colors come out, but in the meantime I am posting a blank Dauber Box insert for you.

  17. Would love to have the product list you takled about on the video so I can find it fast. With retired products too

  18. I’m very grateful for all the time and energy you spent creating all the charts. It’s amazing! And thank you for the willingness to share them with others. I would not have the patience to do what you do.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      You’re very welcome Mary! I’d love it if you could share my page on Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media.

  19. Karen Farquhar

    Thank you Bev for your amazing printable labels, etc. It is so kind of you to do all that work & offer free printables. Thank you so much.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      You’re welcome Karen! It would help me if you could share the pages and posts you like on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media.

  20. Love your website. So much helpful information.
    Would you please share your notebooks for Evernote?
    Thanks, Liz

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Your invitations are on the way. Also, I’m inviting you to join a new Facebook group for others who are sharing the notebook. I thought that might be a good way to share ideas and questions.

  21. Hi Bev,
    By chance do you have any of the floral frame thinlits to sell? I missed them on the retirement list.

  22. Hey ladies! I just received my “Taggers” from Bev and she has done it again!
    Thank you so much for your time and ideas to make our crafting more organized and fun!!

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Thanks Carolyn! I’m glad you are enjoying your Taggers! I’m always glad to help with organization in craft spaces!

  23. Hi Bev
    What program do you make your DSP labels with?
    I have several older pkgs that I would like to label with the same type of labeling.
    Do you have a blank sheet that you could send me?
    Love your organization!!

    • I just use Word. I start with my spreadsheet which you can find on the Getting Started page. Then I use Mailings to set up a document to merge. I can’t really provide the blank file since it would look to the spreadsheet on my computer and since you are wanting the labels for retired products, the spreadsheet would not be helpful.

      I can tell you that would create a table 2 cells across and 5 rows per page.
      My cell height is 2″ exactly and the columns are 3.3″.
      The font is Calibri size 10 with the Product in Bold.
      This is what is in each of the cells. You would probably just type in the details.

      Catalog: «Catalog», p. «Page»
      «Item_Number» – Set of «Set_of»

      «Collection_Colors»«Next Record»

  24. Hi Bev,

    I have your taggers in my cart right now, but need to ask a questions about your cardstock sampler. Do the tags have the name of the color printed on them? I can’t tell by the picture, but the add on for the new in-colors shows the names. I don’t want to just assume the others do as well. Can you let me know please before I put them in my cart.

  25. Can you please include me in Evernote. I hope I live long enough to become as organized as you Bev!! You are fantastic with all of your hard work and sharing!! Thanks. Mary

  26. do you have a list of colors that coordinate with the dsp from 2011 – 2012 catalog
    for some reason I did not enter it into evernote and now I can’t tell which colors
    coordinate with the dsp – thank you for your time – love my evernote

    thanks again

  27. Hi Bev,
    I’m new to stamping and just love the No Special Reason video you did on Feb. 9, 2017. Where can I buy the stamps and dies you used in this video. I am in love with them. Thanks.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      I’m so sorry to tell you that stamp set and die was not carried over into the new 2017-2018 catalog. The embossing folder I used for that card retired as well. You could make the same card with Oh So Eclectic, #143937 in wood-mount or 143940 in clear-mount and it has a coordinating die, Eclectic Layers Thinlits Dies, #143774. And the best thing is you can save 10% if you buy them together, #145355 wood-mount or #145356 clear-mount.

  28. Debbie Eslinger

    Bev I would love to be included on the share for Evernote, I became a demonstrator at the end of March and still have so much to learn

  29. I tried to email you, but the email button wasn’t working. I would like to recieve your Evernote list. I tried to list like you, but ran out of patience.

  30. bev, I’m trying to subscribe to your page but “it” won’t let me. I will try here. I am a 1-year SU demonstrator and love all of your organizational tips I see.

    • It appears that you successfully subscribed Kathy. If you don’t start getting notices (usually on Thursdays) please contact me again.

  31. Bev, I don’t see the case insert for the Bottles & Bubbles Framelits. Also, The SAB shimmer ribbon pack still shows 3/8″ on the large labels even though they actually come in 3 different widths. You do mention the 3 sizes in the description, but the heading probably doesn’t want to say 3/8″ only.

    BTW: Thank you for the Kudos. My husband got a kick out of it. Telling me I will be known world wide now. Yeah, right… I just said “whatever” and giggled.

    • You ARE world famous! 🙂

      I thought I got that ribbon insert fixed! It shouldn’t be a “Large Label” at all though. I’ll see if I can find the one you saw and correct it. I’ll also make sure Bottles & Bubbles FL is added too.

  32. I love your case inserts. I recently bought the Apron Builder dies and wondered if you would have a case insert for it.

  33. Hi Bev,

    I just found you on You Tube. Could you please send me your Evernote Notebook? I need to really organize my crafts! It’s been so cold in Iowa, It’s a great time to work indoors!


  34. Hi Bev
    was wondering if you still had this notebook available to share? Thanks!

    • I do! I somehow missed this notice. I’m glad you sent me an email, because I just saw this today. Enjoy Evernote!

  35. I am new to EverNote and love how you have organized everything. Could you please share? I also have some retired stock, I also will need to add.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  36. Suzanne Sears

    Bev, You do wonderful videos and tutorials. I just subscribed to your blog, knowing that I will gain inspiration from it. I am a new SU demonstrator in Santa Barbara.

    • BevAdamsStamps

      Thank you Suzanne! You’re just up the coast from me. I’m in Camarillo. Come stamp with me sometime!

  37. Hello Bev,
    I have recently retired and finally am getting all my craft supplies organized. I have watched your videos on how to organize in Evernote and want to now get my craft invetory into Evernote. I am hoping that you can send me an invitation to share your Evernote notebook so I don’t have to start from scratch. I have a large inventory of Stampin Up products and this would deinitely help me to find things quickly. Please let me know if you need anything else from me and thank you!

  38. Jacqui Bailey

    Hello Bev,
    Appreciate the work you put into pulling together Stampin Up products into Evernote. I just went to paypal and made a contribution. looking forward to you sharing your inventory with me. I started my own a while back ago and plan to copy from yours into mine. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  39. Hi Bev,
    I found your card base and layering video on YouTube. Great job! I took a tour of your website and was really impressed. It was great to get to know you. I’ll be checking back often.

  40. I would love very much to request an invite to your Evernote page. I am in the process of organizing my supplies and the ideas you have in your video look great. I have a bunch of sets that I am not sure if they are complete or if a stamp was just added into the case so this seems like it would be very helpful.

    • Thank you for asking about my Evernote notebook of Stampin’ Up! products, Karen. I have been sharing my notebook for free for several years. I have notes for every current product. I do my best to keep the notebook complete and accurate, including product numbers, page numbers, and prices for US, Canada (English and French), UK, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. I also try to add Dutch translations. Virtually all of the page numbers are the same, but I do include imperial and metric item numbers, 8 ½” x 11” and A4 card stock, and the metric Simply Scored plate, and the Heat Tool with the various plugs, etc. It takes time to make sure my notes are useful and correct for all to use. I have decided to ask for a small contribution.

      You can try my Evernote notebook for the products that were in last year’s catalog that were carried over to the current catalog. I have moved the retired products out of it. I have not added the new products or changed any page numbers or other details. I will not be updating it. But you can try it for free. You can download the free app free and then select either View or Join the notebook with this link.

      If you download the program and notebook, you can create a new notebook for your own products. You can copy the notes for the products you own into your own notebook. When you copy notes, be sure to click Preserve Update Dates and especially Preserve Tags! Then you can make whatever changes you want to the notes in your own notebook.

      You can browse through all the products, but the beauty of the program is that you can search. Good search terms include text you want, “Coordinates with” or some image like “tree.” Look for the tag Evernote for some tips that might be helpful.

      If you are interested in getting the new 2018-2019 Current Products notebook, click on the “Products from Bev” tab at the top of my website where I have a PayPal button. You can give $5 or $10 with the drop-down menu. Be sure to enter the email address you use to log into Evernote. When you contribute any amount, PayPal will notify me and I will send the invitation to share the new 2018-2019 Current Product notebook with you. I will also invite you to a private Facebook group just for those sharing my Evernote notebooks. Facebook is my way of communicating with the group. If you use one email address for PayPal and another for Evernote and/or Facebook, please enter that info in the PayPal text box or email me so I can use the correct address for the invitations.


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