Photopolymer Stamp Clear Case Inserts

Photopolymer Case Inserts  Endless Birthday inside

The sets in the catalog come in clear cases now, but the ones offered on flyers still come in cellophane bags. (Do you lose these under your paper like I do?)

Storing Tips:  I understand it’s best to keep photopolymer stamps out of the sunlight.  I keep a bit of light out with a 10 1/2″ x 7″ piece of plain copy paper under the insert.

Pull off the printed clear sheet and stick it (reversed image) to the copy paper.  Then I can stick the stamps right onto the clear case, matching the printed image.  This makes it easy to pick up the stamp I want and also to see if I am missing any of the stamps when putting them away.


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9 thoughts on “Photopolymer Stamp Clear Case Inserts”

  1. Do you have a label for Sweetie Pie and the matching frames? And do you have a Sweetie Pie set that you would be willing to sell? Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comments Mary Ellen! I was able to create the stamp case inserts for Sweetie Pie and Sweetie Pie Frames. You can order Sweetie Pie Frames, just click on my Shop Now button or on the link after the insert. Unfortunately Sweetie Pie is sold out. I don’t have the set myself, sorry.

  2. I just found you! I to am a retired teacher and love Stampin Up. I am trying to organize and just copied your inserts for some of the poly stamps (you know the ones that didn’t come in an case). Thank you so much for sharing. I know it must have taken quite a while to make everything.

    I am waiting (kinda, sorta) patiently for the new catalog. I will defiantly be looking forward to you organizational ideas then also.

    Thanks again,

    • Welcome Terrie! I’d love to be your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator if you don’t already have one. And if you do have one, I’m glad that my inserts will help you get organized. I have a lot of organizational tools, so look around. Enjoy!

  3. Do you have a blank Stampin Up case insert for photopolymer so that I can put the title myself? I found them for the two sizes for the wooden stamps and need the more narrow case.

    I love your products! I am so organized now!

    • I had one posted with the supplies, but I just added it to the photopolymer page. I used to have them all on the same page, but it started getting unwieldy. You should be able to follow this link or just go to the Getting Organized tab and look for Clear Case Inserts for Supplies or (now) Photopolymer Stamp Case Inserts.
      Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Hi Bev, I was searching for a insert for the Watercolor Wishes stamp set that comes in the kit. I want to put it away with my other stamps but wanted a label for it. I searched your site but didn’t see it, have you made that one and I am just overlooking it?

    • I had the insert as part of my Getting Started Challenge materials. I just added the insert to this page too. Thanks for giving me a nudge. 🙂


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