Reuse and Recycle Cards

Are you like me and you seem to have lots of cards but none just right the card you want to send? Or maybe you like to swap card fronts to have lots of inspiration, but the stack is growing and you need to clear out some of them? Or maybe your goal is card making, but your room is filled with cards and you need room for more stamps? It’s time to send cards!

First of all, keep track of your friends’ birthdays and other important events. Add them as recurring events on the calendar on your phone or computer (and add the addresses to make life even easier for yourself) or use the calendar I shared earlier this year.

Just Added 8/20/17 2018 Pocket Calendar

Next, redesign the cards and card fronts you have. You can even reuse cards others have sent to you! This video shows several ways to re-purpose your cards. Get those cards in the mail!

I hope you didn’t lose your coupon you earned in July with the Bonus Days promotion…


It’s time to shop now!

You can use that coupon for anything, but you may want to choose Carols of Christmas. It will be in the 2017 holiday catalog, but you can order it now.


Many images and links don’t show up in the email. The video should be at the bottom of the message. Click here to see it all online.



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